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What Can You Do With a Vinyl Cutter: 10 Cool Projects

Heard about a Vinyl Cutting Machine? In case you didn’t, it’s a little machine that can make everything around you artistic. However, it’s the vinyl cutting machine.  It has the ability to make your life colorful.

You can do something exceptional and special with the help of a vinyl cutting machine. You can also make a profit out of it if you think it commercially.

I’m using vinyl cutting machine for a long time. So, I came up with some cool ideas that can be done by the machine.

A Brief in Vinyl Cutting Machines

Before we proceed to cool idea, we should know what is the machine? What can it do? Let me explain;

It is a computer controlled cutting machine. Looks like a printer. It can cut specific material sheet according to given design. A computer with a software export the design to the vinyl machine then the machine cut the sheet with its blade.

10 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Vinyl Cutter

Let’s talk about some cool ideas that we can do. You need a heat press to complete some ideas and also may require some other stuff.

1. Design apparels

You just need a plain t-shirt, jersey or other apparel. With the help of a heat press, you can make your existing one amazing. You can create your own design for your team or others. Everyday lifestyle will become more attractive.

2. Sign and stickers

Various types of sign and sticker can be made. That will make anyone life easier. Such as safety notification can be created with a vinyl cutter and by the help of a sewing machine. So, anyone can be cautious from that notification.

3. Woodwork and painting

Cut some vinyl to modify Small wood box such as pencil box. It will be unique from others and your kids will feel better than others. You can design your Wooden frame to give a new look.

4. Party board

Most of us celebrate our birthday party, Marriage anniversary at home. With a vinyl cutter, you can make your plain board with name, symbol or anything you want to write. It will be a great fun with your family member.

5. Design wall

It is a cool idea to make your kids wall with stars, moon or poem that your kids like most. Your own bedroom or any room with unique art looks better. So, don’t waste time to create your own design onto your wall.

6. Making calendar

Do you want to make your family organized? Then a calendar can help you regarding this matter. Make a dry erase calendar and schedule your calendar. To make it erasable use glass and vinyl roll. As it is erasable so you can reschedule it whenever you want.

7. Card designing

Do you want to celebrate with cards? Then, there is no alternative than making cards thyself. However, vinyl roll and printer is needed to make the card.

8. Project presentation

To demonstrate your project like a model of building and solar panel, the vinyl machine can help. Text, decal, double-stick adhesive requires to build your model.

9. Save electronics

Silkscreen labels are acid resistant. By creating silkscreen label from vinyl cutter can make you PCBs acid resistant. Some other stuff like DIY sticker circuit can be made for Raspberry Pi.

10. School decoration

Make your whole school decorated with letter, poem, formula, and biography easily with the machine. School washroom ‘IN’ and ‘out’ notification, class schedule maintain can also be done.


As you can see there is a lot of cool things can be done with the vinyl cutter. So, don’t waste your time to accept it.

All those stuff can be applied for personal purposes or commercial purposes. The vinyl cutting machine is a budget-oriented product. So, make your life easy and colorful.

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