What Are The Main Types of Heat Press Machines Available Today?

To choose an affordable heat press machines for your business can be confusing if you are not informed. Although many brands are competing in the market, there are some recent and popular types which you can select get for your business.

We have researched and found these four as the trendy types due to their quality of prints, their lasting performance, price and ease of use.

They are as follows: 

1. The Clamshell Heat Press Machine

2. The Swinger/Swing Away Heat Press Machine

3. Draw Heat Press

4. Sublimation T-shirt Heat Press

The Clamshell Heat press Machine:

This type of heat press machine carries out its functions on multiple surfaces effectively.

The Clamshell just as the name denotes is hooked on one end, then opens and closes.

Clamshell heat press machine can be used to transfer your artwork in a large quantity on items like mugs, boxes, sweatshirts and any other item you may want to print.

The Clamshell heat press machine has a unique design of its own which differentiates it from the other heat press machines.

Its hinge feature design is placed between the upper and lower platens respectively. This feature allows it to open and close when in use just like a clam.

The Clamshell heat press machine has manually used version and an automatically used version, to give you options for printing.

Also, storing the machine is easy because it is portable. You can either store it in your shop or you can find a little space in your room to keep it without stress.

Why You Need A Clamshell Heat Press Machine?

  • You can easily operate this heat press machine. No wonder it is recommended for people who are still learning how to use the heat press machine.
  • The clamshell heat press is designed to be portable. This will enable you to take your heat press anywhere you go. You can take it to go anywhere you have demonstration comfortably well.
  • Unlike its contemporaries, the clamshell heat press machine saves space for you.
  • It is not complex to use and this makes it a time-saving heat press machine.
  • It is designed to mass produce for you any item of your choice. With the Clamshell heat press machine, you don't need to fear large orders from your clients.
  • This heat press machine is not expensive and will help beginners with a low budget for their business.

The Swinger/ Swing Away Heat Press Machine

With this heat press machine, you will actually experience the swinging performance. The Swinger heat press machine is built so as to allow the upper plate to rotate away from the lower plate. This action also enables it to swing back to the place where your material and artwork is laid out.

Due to the swing nature of the heating element, you can easily manipulate and move your materials that are laid down on the lower platen without fear of burns.

Unlike the other types of heat press machine the Clamshell, the Swinger heat press Machine can work on any kind of item no matter its thickness. With this heat press machine to operate, you are free to collect assorted kinds of items to print on even those items with various substrates.

If you are using the Swinger heat press machine, you don't need to spend money in buying other additional accessories like the press to print on a cup/mug or hat. In fact, this heat press machine is a must-have for both home users and those in the commercial field.

The Swinger heat press Machine enables the operator to have more comfort during operation, unlike the Clamshell whose upper platen is specifically aimed at the arms and hands of the operator by the time the platen is up.

The Swinger heat press Machine is not portable like the Clamshell, rather it is designed to be large and space consuming.

Why You Need A Swing Away Heat Press?

  • The Swinger heat press machine will enable you to efficiently inspect the whole garment which you have placed on the machine.
  • There is no opportunity to injure yourself with the Swinger heat press hence you are not working with the heating elements.
  • The Swinger heat press machine generates even and consistent pressure on the garments.
  • It is specifically designed for those who have experience of the heat press machine.

The Draw Heat Press Machine:

This heat press machine has a movable lower platen which pulls out so that you can have total access to your workspace. The Draw Heat Press Machine gives you the opportunity to lay out your garments without the stress of reaching under the upper heat platen.

However, you should be more cautious while printing so that your designs will not shift out of place when the transfer has not taken place.

Why You Need A Draw Heat Press Machine?

  • When using the Draw heat press Machine, you are assured of a full view of the layout area.
  • You do not have to work beneath the heated platen.
  • It consumes a little space but you can take it with you anywhere especially for on-site shows.
  • It is very useful when you want to produce a lot of goods.

Sublimation Heat Press Machine:

This type of heat press machine enables you to effectively transfer high-quality digital designs on your garments.

The Sublimation heat press is a unique machine that ensures that the dye used in the transfer paper does not stain your garments when the heat press surface press down.

Sublimation heat press machine has a big surface which makes it easy for you to transfer your artwork on large items like Sweat chap pants, Sweatshirts, and other larger designs.

All in all, the Sublimation Heat press machine is used for multi-purpose heat transfer.

These heat press machines are designed with their own unique features and functions. It is now left for you to choose the one that will be suitable for your heat transfer requirements.

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