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How to Come Up With Awesome T-Shirt Design Ideas

T-shirts play an important role in the life of every human being. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the nearest piece of clothing people pick when they want to relax, relieve stress or feel light is a T-shirt.

No wonder everybody like to wear them from the old to the young, celebs and other top shots in the society, everybody like to appear in a T-shirt whenever they get the chance.

Apart from being the most comfortable cloth in people’s wardrobe, T-shirts are also a mobile billboard which you can utilize to send an important message to thousands of people. If you want to advertise something or send a message, just create it as a design on a T-shirt and let everyone see it within a short time.

One good thing about this method of advertisement is that people who wear the t-shirts can move from one place to another and before long, your message has gone across states and countries.

Another reason you should create something spectacular on your t-shirts is that you will succeed in carving out a niche for your brand. Yes! You can win loyal customers for lifetime patronage.

How to Design a Perfect T-shirt in 8 Easy Steps

So, if you are into T-shirt production, you must understand that you are creating something that everybody needs and likes. When you consider the important roles which a T-shirt plays in the lives of humans, it becomes clear that the best way to utilize this piece of clothing is by creating a unique design on it.

If you can come up with an awesome idea on a T-shirt, passing a clear message across to many people will be a simple deal.

However, the problem now becomes how to come up with awesome t-shirt design ideas. Well, this confusion is why I am writing this article at TshirtProfessional to help you out in your quest. Consider the following strategies:

1. Select Your Target Market

The first thing to do before creating t-shirt designs is to determine your target market. Which group of customers do you want to focus your marketing efforts on to achieve your aim?

You have to decide whether your t-shirts will be the favorite of little children, the youths or the adults. When you make a pick of the market niche, it will be easy to decide on what designs to create on your products.

You will have a focus before you start and it will be very easy to create something wonderful.

2. Pick a Trendy Topic on the News

If you haven’t been paying attention to the happenings around you, now is the time to change your stance. If you want to grab the attention of millions, pick a hot topic and create a t-shirt design that will inspire people about it.

It may be a celebrity that everybody loves or even a movement which everybody is discussing. Just remember to analyze the public opinion and decide which group you will support.

Pick the newspapers, watch the news on your television, and visit some social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. As you read the exciting topics, your design skills will kick into overdrive.

3. Keep Your Designs Simple

I have seen some awful designs on t-shirts, and sometimes I wonder where they got the idea. No matter how you like details, think of something simple and imagine how it will look on the chest of someone. Think of something that is original and realistic.

I mean many things now are too exaggerated, and as such, people are getting bored. So if you want to accomplish an awesome design for your t-shirts, remember the importance of originality and simplicity, a good idea will come.

Finally, it doesn’t matter the project you are working on or the client you are handling. Make sure that what want the public to wear is awesome. You must be creative and forward-thinking also.Remember that the people who will be wearing your t-shirts come from different locations and background. So create awesome designs on your t-shirts and let the publicity begin.

4. Take a Break and Imagine Where Your T-shirt Will Go

Now that you know your target market and what they are pursuing, think about the places they are likely to appear on t-shirts. What will they be doing and how? Will it be for strolling, camping, and sightseeing?

Don’t’ forget your market niche characteristics. Think about the activities which those group of people will always enjoy. When you consider these things, your creativity will supercharge.

5. Add a Splash of Humor

If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, you can still achieve it through your t-shirt designs. Just keep it subtle and not low-cost or cheap.  Always think about your target market so that you can get it right.

Try to imagine what will make the youths laugh, adults to smile and children to be happy. However, leave out any hard or complicated attempt at humor. Keep it simple so that anybody that see or read it will get the message.

6. Think of the Line, Texture, and Color

Depending on the printer and your budget, you can expand these factors to explore many design possibilities. While designing, focus on achieving clean lines, solid colors and less shading. Consider PMS colors for your designs so that you can achieve accuracy and ease of separation.

7. Make use of Vector Artwork

There are many reasons for suggesting the use of vector artwork instead of raster. The first one is that you can easily separate the colors. Secondly, your final prints will be clear and vivid. So use as many as you can to achieve an awesome design on your t-shirts.

8. Use the Best Printer

No matter how good your ideas are, you must look for a good printer so that the imprint on the t-shirt will look very great. If you fail in your choice of printer, you may see all your efforts going down the drain. So, complete the awesome designs with a good printer.

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