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Sewing Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Are you one of those people who like to craft their clothes at home all by themselves? If you are then you must have your own sewing place. Your sewing place might be an entire room or a corner of a room or any place that you feel comfortable working in.

In this article here at our blog, I will be helping you on the ideas of setting up your sewing room with as small space and as efficiently as possible. Sit back and go through the whole article to instantly learn some new and excellent ideas to use on your sewing room.

What Is A Sewing Room?

If you have worked on sewing then you already know what a sewing room is. To be frank, a sewing room is an arranged workstation for sewers who work a lot. If you like to do your own sewing yourself at home then you definitely need a fixed sewing place.

A sewing room consists of all kind of sewing tools and other accessories. The other accessories include shelves, wardrobes, cabinets and lot more. A sewing room gives you a fixed place for you to work in your own comfort. You don’t have to worry about getting bothered by other people.

Why You Need A Sewing Room?

If you work on sewing from time to time or even if you work regularly, you need your own sewing room. It is very important for you to have your own workstation. Let me break it down to you.

  • Ease At Work

If you have your own sewing room then all of your work materials are always arranged. So because of that you can find and use any tool you need very easily. You can arrange everything as you like it and when you’re working you can find them where you like them.

  • Efficiency

If you have a fixed place for your sewing work then you will be able to focus your full concentration on your work. Having a fixed sewing room saves a lot of your time because all the materials are always arranged the way you want them. So because of that you can focus as much as you need on your work.

  • Keeping it Clean

You can provide maximum cleanliness by having a fixed sewing room. You can arrange all the tools and materials in your own way. By doing that, you can have a clean and tidy room always. This would help you to work better on your projects.

  • Keeping On Track

When you have your own sewing room you can keep track of all the materials you have and also you can keep track of all of your works. You know which materials you’re out of and which material you have left.

  • Boost at work

If you have your own place to work you find a healthy atmosphere for your work. You can fully concentrate at your work by setting up a fixed place for it. Having your own sewing room lets you focus on your work at maximum pace.

How An Ideal Sewing Room Should Be Like

To choose and make the best sewing room you have to prepare a few things. An ideal sewing room must contain some essential tools and elements. Here I’ll be telling you about a few of those.

  • Efficient Floor Plan

You might now have an entire room for your sewing work. Whichever you may have you need to have a proper floor plan. You need to figure out where you’ll put what. You’ll need a dedicated area of computer in their room but it’s not completely essential.

  • Fabric Storage

An ideal swing room should contain fabric storages where you would store all of the fabric you’ll work on and other scrap fabric. The storage would keep all the fabric around and close to you.

  • Fabric And Tools Organization

All the fabrics and tools should be well organized. It’s wonderful to create a fabric stash. Gather all the fabric and organize them how you like it. An ideal sewing room needs organized fabrics and tools.

  • Machine tables

Using tables is very essential if you want to put up an ideal sewing room. You can use the tables to put sewing machines on them. The most important tool is the sewing machine for quilting. In order to use it properly you’ll need proper machine tables.

  • Sewing table and Cabinets

If you’re hoping to build an ideal sewing room then putting up cabinets is a must. Cabinets would hold all your small tools and accessories. The sewing table is for the sew machines and cutting piece of clothes. Also use the cabinets as an alternative storage for your fabric, tools, boards, pens and other tools.

Sewing Room Ideas

There are many ideas you can use on your sewing room. You can search on the internet to find the best design and idea for the amount of space and room you have. I on the other hand will also be telling you about some popular designs which you can follow.

  • Diy Sewing Room

If you don’t have much space to use or if you have only a closet to use then you can watch diy videos which would help you to learn to use small spaces better. You can use your closet to make a removable sewing machine table.

  • Shared Room

Don’t have enough space or a different room for sewing? Use another room instead. You can use your dining room or your drawing room as your part time sewing room. Or you can use your sewing room as a part time dining room.

  • Portable Sewing Machine

If you don’t have much space in your room then you can use your closet or cabinets to keep the sewing machine inside. You can take it out whenever you want to work and also put it away when you don’t need it. This saves you a lot of space in your room.

  • Part Time Use

If you aren’t a full time sewer then you can modify your room into a part time sewing room. You can fuse your reading or dining room with your sewing room. You can do whichever you like whenever you like. This idea helps you to make more use of the room you have.

  • Apartment Therapy

You can thoroughly arrange your tools and furniture in your sewing room. By dividing them into compartments and putting up cabinets you can arrange it nicely. By using tables and closets to their fullest you can maximize the amount of space you get in the room.

How Can You Choose The Perfect Sewing Room For You

You can find various ideas of sewing rooms but you eventually have to choose the design that is most compatible for you. I’ll tell you about a few things that you should consider while selecting your design.

  • Maximum Use Of Space

If you don’t have much space in your room for your sewing tools then you have to make sure you use the maximum space available. The tools should be organized in such way which gives you the maximum space to work freely.

  • Enough Work Space

When you’re putting all the tools and tables in the room make sure you keep enough space for you to move around freely. By doing so, you can ensure a cool environment while you work.

  • Simple Design

While setting up the room, always keep in mind to make the design as simple as possible. The simple design would keep your mind fresh and that would help you work and concentrate more.

  • Well Organized

Always organize all the tools and tables in a proper way. The well organized room would keep you in a better mood while you work. You will also be able to find all the essential things very easily while working if you keep all of the accessories well organized.

  • Enough Tool Supply

Always keep track of which tools you have and also need to buy. Keep a good stock of fabric, pens, rulers and other tools that are necessary for your work. This would help you to work without getting interrupted.

  • Work Friendly

Always decide a design that helps you work more not a design that just looks good. If your design looks good but doesn’t really let you work freely and comfortably then you should just drop it and redecorate the room into a design that is friendlier to your work.

To transfer your design or artwork to your clothes, it’s always appreciated to use heat transfer machines. Check out this article for suggestion!

Wrapping It Up!

Creating your own sewing room can be very hard and also very easy on the same time. If you regularly spend time working on sewing things then you definitely need a sewing room. A sewing room must contain a few things that are very essential.

I hope I could be of some help to you. If you’re setting up or redecorating your sewing room then you should go through my article and I am very sure this will be of help to you. The processes are very easy and fun to do.

If you have difficulties understanding anything then just go through it again. Happy Decorating!

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