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Sewing Machine vs. Serger: What Makes The Difference?

We all know what a sewing machine is. But do all of us know about a serger? If you are not aware of this machine, don’t worry. I am here throughout the article to tell all about these two.

Either you are planning to buy one of them or both at a time, we will tell you all about these two machines. You will also get to know how you would be benefitted most from them. Is your money really worth it?

Stay with me to the rest of the article and leave the rest up to me to provide all the information you need before buying.

What is a Sewing Machine?

A sewing machine is the device that is able to stitch all kinds of fabric altogether in just a blink of eye. It has made the life easier and helps to save the time of us.

During the industrial revolution, Thomas Saint first introduced the idea of the sewing machine in 1790. Firstly it could handle only one type of sewing pattern. But as the time flew, the modern sewing machine has become more and more efficient.

The sewing machine we use today are electric and the have a lot of variance and tactics in their working method.

What is a Serger?

A serger is also a sewing machine. But it has got some extra features that are not included in normal sewing machines.

Usually a sewing machine has only one bobbin and one thread to sew clothing. But a serger has almost 3-5 bobbins attached with 3 to 4 different threads. They are faster and more effective than the regular sewing machines for quilting.

There is also a blade that cuts the fabric as well.

The Basic Differences Between Sewing Machine and Serger

Now let’s come to the portion where they differ from each other. Check out the facts about them:

  • Amount of Needles

The amount of needles in a sewing machine is one. But as of the sergers, they have multiple types of unique needles to get the work done. Sergers get more point in this sector.

  • Amount of Bobbins

As the serge’s has multiple numbers of needles, they also needs to be attached with more threads. To handle all the threads perfectly, a huge number of bobbin is necessary.

  • Speed Controlling

The serger has an automatic system to control the flow of the threads. That’s the reason it doesn’t need to be controlled manually. But the sewing machines usually needs to be controlled according to necessary. Because doing a work by hand requires more attention and dedication.

  • Mass Production

For mass production of garments, both serge’s and sewing machines are needed as they have a great difference in their working method. But serge’s can perform more than just stitching. That’s why it is much more productive for mass production.

  • Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important thing in industry. From the perspective of the managing director, Time is money. And if you want to keep that in mind, you have to depend on serger. A sewing is much more time consuming than the regular sewing machines.

  • Changes in Design

Let’s assume you are doing a work on the sewing machine. You can bend and twist any point according to necessary. Now do the same work with the serger. You will lose your freedom in many points but look at the time. You have made the same amount of work in a quarter comparing the previous.

So, these are usually the basic differences between a sewing machine and a serger.

Pros of a Sewing Machine over a Serger:

As of now, you have got the basic of both the sewing machine and a serger. Now let’s see in which ways, the sewing machines can suppress the serger

  • No Electricity Needed (In the Non-Electric ones)

Though more of the sewing machines comes with the compatibility to work with electricity, there are also sewing machines that runs totally on manual labor. So, it is much more portable and doesn’t need any extra power to perform.

  • Flexibility in Work

With the sewing machines, you can perform any work according to your need. You can also detect any wrong line in the work and can work with it in an instant.

  • Easy to Handle

This is the most important fact about a sewing machine. A sewing machine is almost used in every country all over the world. Everyone must have seen at least one sewing machine in their entire lifetime. It’s not hard to use. That’s why it has got so much popularity in such a short period.

  • Provide Proper Freedom

As the sewing machines are needed to be operated properly, there is no chance to lose any attention. That’s how this work piece becomes more efficient than the regular ones. You can edit your work piece any time you want (also during sewing).

  • Easy to Learn for Beginners

If you are a beginner at this sector and want to learn how to sew clothes, you will find it easier than most of the other work. Just a short course will be enough to teach you all about operating a sewing machine perfectly.

Pros of a Serger over a Sewing Machine

At this point, we know why a sewing machine would provide more support than serger. Now, let’s see by which points a serger would beat a sewing machine

  • Faster

As of now, you must have realized that the serger works much faster than the regular sweing machine. Because it can handle multiple threads at a single moment. It also doesn’t need any manual labor in order to work. It will also save your time which were wasted during cutting.

  • More Efficient & Effective

Serger will provide the best solution to cut and stich your clothes in an instant. It can cut and stitch the clothes simultaneously. That’s where you can differ it from the regular sewing machines.

  • Less Time Consuming

The sewing machines need much time as you have to label, cut and stitch manually. But the serger can do all these works simultaneously. And the results? You can easily understand when you will switch from a normal sewing machine to the serger.

  • Perfect for Industrial Uses

As to the industries, time is money- they better change their old sewing machines with the new ones. Because it will affect the work by a huge point. It will save both time and labor in this sector.

Of course proper training will need to be provided in order to get the ebst results. But you know what? That’s worth it.

  • Ultimate Finishing

With the sergers, you will get the perfect finishing line by the end of the work. The side sew of the sergers are perfected at a level that the sewing machine can never reach.

  • Cutting Advantage

Say ‘Goodbye’ to your scissors forever. With the built in cutting system, you can now cut wherever you need very easily. The main advantage is that you can cut and sew the sides at the same time without any problem. Once you get the hang of it, you will really like it.

  • Professional Look

The competition of the current market is not fixed. It’s increasing day by day. To cope up with these new dresses and new ideas, you must get a serger as soon as possible.

Which one Should I Really Use?

As all the facts are checked, let’s have a look on the million dollar question: Which one would I buy?

In this article, all the information is you need are given. You just have to choose. It’s totally up to you to decide which points do you prefer? According to the facts stated above, you need to concentrate on your choices. What do you need? What will be profitable in many ways? That, you have to decide on your own.

But still, if you ask me whom one would I use- My answer would be simple. That is SERGER. Because we are living in the era where technology is revolutionary. And we must cope up with it. That’s why we need to be updated all time with the technology.

Wrapping Up!

At this moment we are almost at the end of this article. I hope I was able to help you throughout this article. Now choose wisely according to your needs and preferences. Take care until next time.

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