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15 Paper Crafting Tools You Need to Have in Collection

Paper crafting is mainly working with paper and more preciously designing the paper. People may do this as a hobby but many people also takes this as profession.

Before starting the crafting you should know about the tools which will help you to make your work more better more exclusive.

The tools name and a simple explanation of these tools have been given below which will help you to understand why you should have them.

15 Tools Every Paper Crafter Needs to Have

1. Self- healing cutting mat:

It actually works as a protector. It protects the work surface. You have to work with a knife alternatively at least with a rotary cutter. So you should have to use a mat which will protect from any damage.

Select large size cutting mate if you want to use the rotary cutter. If you take this paper craft as a hobby than you can use 2 mm width mat otherwise you should use 3 mm width cutting mat.

2. Paper Trimmer:

To cut the paper in a simple word you will need a cutter. But the difference between this simple cutter and the paper trimmer is that you can cut a bundle of paper by just one cut.

So there are two types of paper trimmer:

2.1 Guillotine trimmer:

For high volume, you should use guillotine trimmer. With one smooth turn, you can cut a thicker bundle of paper.

2.2 Rotary paper trimmer:

If you have to deal with low volume, then you should use this rotary cutter. This provides much safety and also gives a clean and smooth trim.

3. Scoring board:

Sometimes you have to fold the papers or break down. So that times you will need a scorer by which you will be able to fold the paper easily. You can also check what you are doing actually with the papers.

You can find two types of scoring board. They are:

•    Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board

•    Scor-Pal Score Board

Both of them are very much useful but in the Scor-Pal Scoreboard you can easily mark.

4. Envelope Punching Board:

It is a measurement tool as well as a cutting tool. You can measure the paper and make a ton of different design through it. In the board there are different measurement has been already provided.

Mainly you will deal with this board for making envelope or card. So in the measurement chart, there are three types of measurement has been given and they are card size, paper size, and score line.

You can find a direction which always has been given to the punching board.

5. Heat producing gun:

Heat gun usually produces heat without making the flame. So it is a very important tool. Its mechanism is look alike a hair dryer.

The main topic of this tool can be like in which job I will have to use the heat gun?

The answer is you can use in various sector specially heat embossing by heat pressing machine. And you can use that also for water colored image or shimmer paint. To shrink an image you can also use it. In a nutshell, you can use the tool for making your work easier.

6. ATG:

It means Advance tape glider. It requires to hold the tool like a gun and I hope already you have got what can be the use of it!

Yes, simply you can use the tape through it but the difference is in its uses. You can simply use it what you wouldn’t do with the simple tape. You can simply attaché two paper card with this.

In the market, you can find the tape and you just have to insert the tape into the gun the following some ways.

7. Crop-a-Dile:

You can punch holes, snap or scrambles into any paper or card through this tool. Depending on the size of the hole you have to First measure the depth of the size of the hole and then you will have to place the cutter.

Then you will have to press the tool to cut the paper or board. In the tool, there is also a section for the bigger hole and smaller hole. You can adjust that by screwing up or down. There are also different settings for different diameters of the hole.

8. Stamping tool:

The name of the tool implies its own work site. The work of this stamping tool is to stamp the different design into the paper.

You have to use a different color on that design and then you have to place that design into the stamp box. There will be also that paper on which you want to place design. You have to press then and the design will be placed with that color on the paper.

So it is a tool by which you will be able to place the design easily.

9. Scissors:

There is nothing to tell briefly. It is a tool by which you can cut the paper. You should use scissors consciously so that you can go through by straight line. You should use the lightweight scissors.

One of the most important tool that you should buy at first of starting paper crafting.

10. Distress tool:

This tool provides roughly as well as the smooth surface which will increase the comfort of your crafting. Edge creaser stands on the side of this tool. On the right side of the tool, there is corner notch which you will run through the edge of your paper.

On the upper side there is the rough place and down there is the smooth surface which acts as metal distress. In the end, there is metal brush which is also a distressing tool.

On the paper or photo for distressing you can use this tool and this tools various functions to give the paper or the photo an amazing look.

11. Tool ‘n’ one:

It is also a multi-tasking tool. On the upper portion you will find a brush attached and when you will apart from the tool into two portions you will find some external parts of the tool.

With the brush, you can clean the die. Because when you will remove the paper from the die, on the body of the die there are some unwanted parts has been left.

Then you can use the brush to clean the die. If it doesn’t work properly then you can use those external tools to clean the smaller portion where the brush can’t reach.

12. Bone folder:

It is a small tool. People know it as a tool for bookbinders. But actually, there is a lot of uses in paper crafts.

Suppose you have to apart a piece paper into two parts. What can you do? You can use your hand to fold the paper first and then you can apart them or tear them.

But this will not give an impressive outlook to your paper. The edge of the two pieces will look bad. With the folder, you have to just set a scale on the paper and have to put a scratch on the paper.

Then you will just have to fold them on the opposite side and you will find two smooth pieces of paper without any kind of edge breaking.

13. Pick me up tool:

It is a small glue tube. You can use this glue stick to provide glue I the smaller portion of the work piece.

For the better example, you like you have to set so small crystal on the paper on various points. You can simply use this tool and put glue there and set those crystals.

14. Adhesive remover or eraser:

This is an eraser shape looking tool which will help you to remove adhesive.  You have to just swap in the same direction on the paper to remove the glue. You can easily use this. It is a simple tool but very much useful.

15. Craft sheet:

This is the last but one of the most important object for sewing quilting projects. You can use this product for doing any messy work. On this sheet, you can do stamping, distressing or various work.

Wrapping Up!

So for doing crafting, you will need this tools and I hope I have made this clear to you. You should get the tool before doing paper crafting.

Every type tool that I have mentioned here is not less important than another one. So grab these tools and enjoy your hobby.

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