How Much Does A Heat Press Machine Cost?

As you well know, there are so many types of heat press machines in the market today. Their prices are placed according to their quality and brand name. Again the prices of the new ones …

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As you well know, there are so many types of heat press machines in the market today. Their prices are placed according to their quality and brand name. Again the prices of the new ones also vary from the prices of the fairly used machines.

If you are not careful, you may be confused on the best heat press machine for beginners. For the purpose of this article, we are going to group them into four different categories namely.

Therefore if you want to buy a fairly used machine, the price will be cheaper than when you are buying a purely new machine. Just take your time and browse through the price list below. You can then decide which one you prefer.

  • The starter heat press machine
  • The intermediate heat press machine
  • The professional heat press machine
  • The specialty heat press machine

The Starter Heat Press Machine

This category of heat press machine is the one that is perfect for anybody starting a small scale fabric imprint business. This type of heat press machines is handy, compact, simple and cheap to purchase.

As far as you are not into massive production but for individual use, hobby or the occasionally low volume production, this is the best machine for you. There are four heat press machines which belong to this category.

They are; the new EnduraPRESS SA12, the CS15, the Geo Knight JetPress JP12 and the JP14.

The EnduraPRESS SA12: is designed with sophisticated features that enable it to function very well while still affordably. This brand of a heat press machine generates consistent and even heat throughout the whole heat platen. It also displays the correct temperature readings on its control panel.

The EnduraPRESS SA12: is also another heat press machine that produces even pressure throughout the platen and also strong enough to make use of laser transfer applications.

This heat press machine is built to be a 9 X 12-inch compact machine which comes with an LCD control panel, a digital time and temperature display unit. The platen of this machine maintains a consistent and even heat distribution from 0 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit just in a space of 12 seconds.

This machine closes vertically and this enables it to be the best machine for designing thick materials like mouse pads and ceramic tiles, mugs or cups. With this machine, you don’t need to worry about burns on your knuckles because you can start from the minimum platen.

The EnduraPRESS CS15: this category of a heat press machine has a 15X 15-inch clamshell design and an upgraded digital control panel. Due to the 15x 15 clamshell design of the machine, it is very easy to use it for medium sized T-shirts transfers.

Also, the platen pressure of the EnduraPRESS CS15 is suitable to apply heat transfer films, such as “best heat vinyl transfer paper“, shirt Sublimations, ChromaBLAST cotton decorations and print and cut T-shirt transfers.

The CS15-AR: has an added bonus of an upgraded magnetic auto-release function. This special feature enables you to move freely about the workshop multi-tasking without the fear that you might overcook a transfer.

Another type is the Geo Knight JetPress JP12 and JP14 respectively. Both of them are affordable, compact and swing-away heat press machines. Both of these machines generate consistent and even pressure across the platen and the safety of swinging the elements 180 degrees from the lower platen.

The construction of both press machines is made of solid steel frame, an analog temperature control unit, a digital countdown timer and a one year warranty from the company.

Both of these machines are solely made for hobby or low volume production but the JP14 coupled with a white toner can be used for laser transfer applications.

Intermediate Heat Press: Rugged and Versatile

This category of the heat press machine is the type to go for if you need a press that is a bit bigger and more capable than the starter press. The intermediate heat press machine offers you professionalism while maintaining your low budget.

Bear in mind that being inexpensive does not make them sub-standard. They are designed simply to be available for everybody’s reach but well-equipped to work well like the top rangers.

An example of this type of a heat press machine is the Stahls Maxx Clamshell line. This is a simple, dependable and affordable heat press machine that comes in three different models suitable for fabric applications.

They are designed in the following sizes; 11x 15 inches, 15x 15 inches and 16x 20 inches respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • Digital time and temperature settings
  • A heavy-duty laser-cut frame
  • Interchangeable lower platens
  • A warranty provision.

The heating element bears a lifetime long warranty while the frame and casting come with a one year warranty.

The EnduraPRESS SD-20 is another heat press machine that belong to this group. It has the same professional standard features found in the more expensive heat press machines. Such as;

  • A platen that is a full sized 16x 20 inches
  • Solidly built large tables that will produce even pressure to the lower platen
  • Consistent heating element across the whole platen
  • An LCD temperature control unit
  • A lever which is spring-actuated to help open the press easily.

Professional Heat Press:

This group of the heat press machine is amongst the accurate and reliable ones. They are the digital knight presses ranging from the DK 16 which is the 14x 16 inch clamshell to the DK 20SP which is a very powerful automatic opening of 16×20 inches swing-away. The Digital Knight presses include;

The DK20SP: this model enable the users to change the temperature, heat and the pressure settings from one film type to another with precision.

The DK20-AR: with this type of machine, you can multi-task without the fear of overcooked print.

The DC-Combo: is another model that is built with replaceable platens and heating elements.

Highlighted Features:

  • An intelligent control module which carries up to 70 presets
  • Also, an automatic release option which immediately releases the press at the end of each session
  • A hover function that enables it to be used directly from white ink to garments
  • Analog pressure gauge which enables the machine to produce the accurate quantity of platen pressure continuously.

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