Heat Press Time And Temperature: Guide And Instructions

Some people may think that it is very easy to transfer a graphic design on a material. The belief that you can follow the steps in the instructional manual and do a perfect job is okay but not easy.

This is because, the actual transfer with a heat press machine is a little bit complex when you start.

One thing you should not forget is that your products must be in perfect condition. However, achieving this will be hard if you are not conversant with the heat and temperature workings of your heat press machine.

It is also a serious problem if you don’t know how and when to transfer your design onto the material.

For the actual heat transfer to be effective, you will have to set the temperature correctly, ascertain the amount of pressure to apply and identify the temperature range that is needed for each material you want to heat press.

Finally, you should know if you will peel out when the machine is still hot or cold.

To decide on all these factors can be a little overwhelming especially when you want to produce a perfect result. This is why we have provided you with a quick guide in this article to enable you to transfer your designs correctly and without stress.

To set the accurate Temperature and Heat of your machine, the material you are using is important.

1. If the material you are using is the Multi-Purpose type, Temperature setting can be at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, while the appropriate Time should be at 10- 12 seconds

The multi-purpose material is a bestseller and can be used for many design purposes. Therefore if you follow the above procedure when printing on a multi-purpose material, be sure of an efficient result.

2. While making use of the Sublimated {Polyester} material, remember that polyester materials do not like high temperatures. Therefore it is better to follow these measures:

  • The Temperature setting should be at 270 degrees Fahrenheit
  • You should Time your heat press at 10 seconds
  • And you can only peel when it is hot

3. If the material you want to print on has a lot Stretch just like in swimming gears, you should do your heat transfer according to the following procedure;

  • The Temperature should be set at 335 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Time: 12- 14 seconds
  • Peel: Cold

If you want to print your design in Full Color, you should follow these guidelines so as to produce a perfect finish.

  • Set your Temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The best Time is from 10- 12 seconds
  • While you can only Peel when it’s Hot

If you want to achieve the Vintage look, that is the old and faded look, simply follow these guidelines to reach your goal.

  • Temperature setting: 350 degrees Fahrenheitii
  • Time: 10- 12 seconds
  • For you to arrive at the perfect result, bring it out when it is still hot.

When printing a high textured design and you want the Glitter design to be showcased, follow these procedures for your heat transfer: 

  • Temperature Setting should be at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Time: 15 seconds
  • When you want to Peel it, make sure that it’s when hot

Then, if your heat transfers items are the usual T-shirts or Sweat Shirts, the following settings should be adhered to;

  • Temperature Setting: 365-375
  • Time: 10-12 seconds
  • It is advisable to bring it out while it’s still Hot

When you are going for a unique design like the Glow in the Dark type which will still shine after exposure to light, these steps are necessary;

  • Temperature setting: 350 degrees Fahrenheitii
  • The perfect Time should be at 10- 12 seconds

If you are faced with the job of carrying out your heat transfer on Difficult Materials or stubborn fabrics, the following steps are necessary:

  • Temperature: 330 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Time: 15 seconds

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When trying for a Metal like finish, that is, the design you want to get at the end of the heat-pressing procedure is metallic in look, these steps are appropriate:

  • Temperature Setting: 320 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Time: 20 seconds
  • It is better if you remove it when it’s Warm.

When the material you want to heat press on is the type that is reflective, you should follow these guidelines so as to arrive at the proper result. You have to set the perfect Temperature that will be suitable and that is 305 degrees Fahrenheit, the Time needed for the transfer will be 10 to 12 seconds, it is better to Peel out when it is cold.

If what you are asked to do is a Photo Transfer on a White fabric, carefully set your machine as follows for a greater success.

Make sure to set your Temperature at 385 degrees Fahrenheit; the Time should be from 25 to 30 seconds.

When the Photo Transfer is on a dark fabric, these steps are appropriate;

Remember that you should choose the appropriate temperature and this should be at 365 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 seconds should be okay for the job, it is best to Peel when it is still hot.

Then, if your client want you to produce a very High-Quality design in full color such that will make an impact these steps are necessary;

Hence you are going for the highest quality; the best Temperature setting should be at 305 degrees Fahrenheit, the Time should be set at 10 seconds while it is best to Peel out when it’s hot.


I believe that the above guidelines should cover all the designs you will come across in your heat transfer career or business.

Remember to use the appropriate machine that will accurately transfer your graphic designs without causing any hitch.

In case you encounter a problem that is not among the ones listed above, you can check the user’s manual of that particular heat transfer press. Try to follow these instructions judiciously; you will be sure to succeed.


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