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Best Embroidery Digitizing Software For Mac: Reviews For 2022

Embroidering these days are completely different that what we were used to, don’t you think?

Before the advent of digital sewing machines and embroidery machines, everything was done by hand. Whether it was a simple name stitched into handkerchiefs or an elaborate tapestry, our mothers and grandmothers used to do everything by themselves.

Both the designs and the stitches were theirs, and everything were products of love and patience.

These days, however, complicated embroidery machines and digitizing software have made our lives much easier. No matter how difficult the designs are, they can be instantly turned into embroidery files for our machines, and then stitched automatically.

This entire process takes minutes whereas it would have taken months before, making it possible for many to start home businesses and make personalized gifts.

We will learn everything about the best embroidery digitizing software for MAC and PCs here as well as the top ones in the market.

What is Embroidery Digitizing Software?

Like all software, an Embroidery software works on a computer.

Suppose, you have a detailed and complicated design that you want to embroider, on a napkin, cushion cover, a dress or a wall hanging. The design is too difficult to directly embroider into your preferred fabric and nor are you equipped to trace it on the fabric.

Besides, not everyone is so handy with a pencil that they can copy the design on the fabric by hand.

This dilemma can be solved with an embroidery machine and with the help of an embroidery digitizing software. Whatever design you have on your mind, the software can turn into an embroidery file, and can later duplicate the same design on a piece of fabric.

The whole process is automatic; all you need to do is to provide the design, the fabric, the software and the embroidery machine, and they can collaborate to do the work.

You don’t have to be a painter or an artist to use these best digitizing software, but you need to know all the steps and the basics. Most amateur and professional embroiders use these digitizing softwares in their work, as it makes their products of excellent quality and it takes less time.

How Does Embroidery Digitizing Software For Mac Work?

In short, an Embroidery Digitizing Software takes an artwork/design that you provide and creates a digital file of it. This stitch format file can al so be called an Embroidery format file.

This file format can be recognized and read by any Computerized Embroidery Machine, which then embroiders the design on the fabric that you provide. Usually it is the digitizing Embroidery software that sends the instructions to the computerized embroidery machine, and the machine works accordingly.

With the right Embroidery digitizing software you can transfer any kind of designs to the fabric of your choice, with no trouble at all and almost no time.

These software are a tremendous help to home business owners and people who love to create personalized items for themselves, and customized gifts for others.

7 Best Embroidery Digitizing Software for MAC: Review 2022

Most of the Embroidery digitizing software in the market are compatible with both MAC and PC, and they are quite easy to understand.

1. Embrilliance Essentials, Embroidery Software for Mac & PC

Sale -7%%
Embrilliance Essentials, Embroidery Software for Mac & PC
  • Compatible with current Windows and MacOS operating systems with free, downloadable updates and disk-free installers available.
  • Resize existing embroidery stitch files with automatic stitch recalculation.

The Embrilliance Essential from Embrilliance is an extraordinary software which you can use to merge and edit your designs very easily. This software can not be used to create any designs, but you can use it to send the design to your Computerized Embroidery machine to be reproduced on fabric.

The Embrilliance Essential is compatible with both MAC and PC, and you can do a lot more with it than just edit and merge. You can use this software on your computer to add color to your existing designs, resize them, remove any overlaps, print templates and any lettering of your choice. You can use artwork and designs in any format, even .ZIP files.

This software is especially handy for stitching words and names on fabric, as you have access to a large number of fonts. You can work on multiple lines of letterings and names at the same time, as well as in circle and monograms, even with changing the colors of each word or line.

You can use the Embrilliance Essential software to save your unfinished work on your computer. In short, you can use this software just like a photo editing software, but you can also use it to directly send the design to your Computerized embroidery machine, and command and control your machine.


  • Perfect for lettering, monograms and names
  • Can be used to edit, merge, remove overlaps, resize and add color to designs
  • Compatible with all file formats
  • Compatible with both MAC and PC
  • Can be used to send designs to computerized embroidery machine
  • Can save unfinished designs
  • Change color and thread count in your design
  • Has an “Undo” function
  • Print applique designs Compatible with Silhouette, and Scan ‘n Cut

2. Embrilliance Thumbnailer, Embroidery Software for Mac & PC

This is another Embroidery digitizing software from Embrilliance which is compatible for both Explorer for PC and Finder or Cover Flow for MAC. Unlike other similar Embroidery digitizing software, you can use the Embrilliance Thumbnailer in Finder to draw realistic, 3D designs.

Embrilliance Thumbnailer works with all types of file formats, including .svg and .fcm. It is also compatible with some of the most popular software used in cutting machines, i.e. Scan ‘n Cut from Brother, Silhouette Studio and Sizzix eClips, so you can use this software to print and cut your designs for appliqueing.

The software is also very easy to use, and you won’t have to do much beside installing it and finding out the file format you want to use.

You can view any designs and artwork stored in the computer with this software, and directly send it to your computerized embroidery machine for stitching.


  • Compatible with Explorer (PC) and Finder/Cover Flow (MAC)
  • Can be used to see 3D realistic designs
  • Works with all file formats
  • Works with .svg and .fcm
  • Compatible with popular cutting machines (Scan ‘n Cut, Silhouette Studio, Sizzix eClips)
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be used to print and cut fabric for appliqueing

3. Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software

Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software
  • Letter It! Easy Embroidery Lettering Software from Amazing Designs
  • Say it with style with Letter It! This feature-packed embroidery lettering software lets you create single or multi-line embroidered text in a variety of fonts. Whether you´re adding text to...

If you are looking for an Embroidery Digitizing software specifically for letterings and names, the LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software from Amazing Designs is the right one for you.

You can create any type of letterings and designs with words with this software, and edit them to your liking. With this software, you can modify your texts into multiple lines, circular or vertical text, or even into a monogram or logo.

There’s a total of 35 fonts to choose from, ranging from formal and semi-formal fonts to casual and whimsical ones. You can merge your letterings together, edit and change their individual colors, resize them and modify them to look completely different, and adjust the size of each letter.

Besides, you can save your work in any of the universally compatible embroidery file formats, from BLF to PCM, SHV to CSD, DST to EMD, PCS to SEW, and many more.


  • Specifically designed for lettering and texts
  • Can be used to edit, resize, change color, modify, adjust and change designs
  • Compatible with both MAC and PC
  • 35 fonts to choose from
  • Formal, semi-formal, casual and whimsical fonts
  • Compatible with all embroidery file formats
  • Can be used to create different designs on multiple lines
  • Can be used to make circular or vertical texts

4. BuzzXplore v2 Premier Embroidery Design Management

BuzzXplore v2 Premier Embroidery Design Management
  • Organize and Manage Your Embroidery Designs
  • Embroidery Drive Writing

The BuzzXplore V2 from Buzz Tools is a handy and efficient software that can help manage and organize all the embroidery designs you have on your computer.

You can use this software to locate your designs on both your PC and MAC, and then convert them into a format that is recognized by your embroidery machine.

This software is extremely easy to install and operate. It is actually a kind of browser which you can use as a 3D viewer, a converter, an organizer, an embroidery drive writer, as well as a designer.

It can also work as Windows Explorer and help you print and drag your embroidery files around, cut and copy, paste and rename, and also convert, zip and unzip your files.


  • Compatible with both MAC and PC
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be used to cut, copy, paste, convert, rename and print your files
  • Can be used as a 3D viewer
  • Can locate your file anywhere in the computer
  • Compatible with any kind of embroidery formats

5. Amazing Designs Monogram It! Stand Alone Monogramming Software

Amazing Designs Monogram It Stand Alone Monogramming Software
  • Choose from 24 Monogram fonts, including 2 applique fonts
  • Create one-color monograms with up to 4 letters

Monogram It! from Amazing Designs is the perfect software that you need for stitching monograms on your preferred fabric. You have 24 monogram fonts to choose from, not including 2 special fonts for appliqueing.

This software also comes with 25 built-in monogram frames that you can use in your designs and monograms, or you can make one by yourself.

Although the Monogram It! Software is made specially for monogramming, it also comes with 39 built-in embroidery designs, which you can use to create single-color monograms and logos. You can use up to 4 letters in a monogram, which is extremely handy.

With this software, you can also horizontally and vertically flip, rotate and change color on your monograms.


  • Perfect for stitching monograms
  • Comes with 24 monogram fonts
  • Comes with 25 built-in monogram frames
  • Comes with 2 special fonts for appliqueing
  • Comes with 39 built-in embroidery designs
  • Can be used to create single-color monograms up to 4 letters
  • Can be used to flip, rotate and change color

6. Embrilliance Enthusiast Embroidery Software for Mac & PC

Sale -5%%
Embrilliance Enthusiast Embroidery Software for Mac & PC
  • Automatic Knockdown Stitches let any embroidery design run on toweling, faux fur, fleece, sherpa, and heavy knits.
  • Gives you the tools for stitch editing, design splitting for multiple hooping and multiple position hoops, hoop basting stitches, and precise positioning tools

The Enthusiast embroidery software from Embrilliance is compatible for both MAC And PC, and you can use it for a number of edits and changes. This is one of the most versatile software for creating and editing your embroidery files, and you can do almost anything with its help.

Some of the most unique features of the Embrilliance Enthusiast are that you can use it for editing your stitches, baste hooping, 4x mirror, multiple hooping, precise positioning, instant repeating, scattering and carouseling, etc. In short, any type of editing you want to do to your embroidery files, you can do with the Embrilliance Enthusiast.

With the purchase of the CD, you get a license to use this software in both Windows and OSX versions, as well as any number of computers that you want. There’s no limited number of installation with this one CD; you can install this software as many times as you want. You can save your embroidery files in any format recognized by your computerized embroidery machine, including .svg and .png.


  • Extremely versatile software for all kinds of edits
  • Compatible with both MAC and PCs
  • Comes with multiple unique features including 4X mirror, baste hooping and precise positioning
  • No limitation of number of times of installation
  • File can be saved in all embroidery formats
  • File can be saved in .png format

7. StitchArtist Level 1, Digitizing Embroidery Software for Mac & PC

Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 1, Digitizing Embroidery Software for Mac & PC
  • StitchArtist Level 1 is designed for hobby embroiderers who need to create stitches without going into debt or spending endless hours learning complicated software. Level 1 curates a limited set of...
  • The same great Embrilliance StitchArtist software you've seen in social media groups and offered online, shipped to you on a physical disk.

This software from Embrilliance is perfect for hobbyists and amateurs, extremely easy to install and use. You can use the Embrilliance StitchArtist to create designs of your choice without spending much time on your computer or having to learn a lot.

Level 1 of this software has only a limited number of stitch types that only gives you access to some of the easiest designs and stitches.

Of the simple edits that you can do with this software are making designs for appliques, running designs for stitches, filled out shapes, unifying elements and backgrounds, etc. With these features, you can create simple and easy designs for your embroidery stitches, and send the design to your computerized embroidery machine.

You can purchase the other levels of expertise when you are done with Level 1, and have gained some experience.


  • Perfect for beginners, hobbyists and amateurs
  • Can be used for simple edits and creating easy designs
  • Can be used for making appliques
  • Can be upgraded to other levels
  • Doesn’t take a lot of time to design or understand

Important Features to Know When Buying Digitizing Embroidery Software

There are a number of great software available in the market that you can choose, but not all of them would be right for you. You need a software that matches your levels of expertise and your needs, and there are some other features you should look for.

These are some of the features that you should be mindful of while choosing one of these software.


Some of these Embroidery digitizing software are for special purposes, i.e. stitch monograms or letters, but it is much better to use one that is versatile. The Embrilliance Essentials and the Embrilliance Enthusiast are two such software that are perfect for all kinds of edits and creations.

With these two software, you can work on different types of designs beside just the specialized ones.

With the specialized software, you can only perform one or two jobs, but with the versatile ones, you can really expand your horizons and try something new every day.


While most of these kinds of software are compatible with both Windows and OSX versions, and this is a useful feature. When your software is compatible with both PCs and MACs, you can use it in a number of devices, especially if you have both types of devices.


If you are an amateur, a hobbyist or a part timer, you need a software that caters to beginners. Some of these Embroidery Digitizing software are built for professionals and may not be suitable for someone who are just beginning. If you are a beginner, the software you need is a beginner’s software that is easier to install and operate.

No limitations on Installation

With purchase, you can only install some of these softwares once or twice. However, there are some titles, such as the Embrilliance Enthusiast Embroidery Software, that you can install as many times as you need, in as many devices as you want.

This is especially handy if you work with a team and you want to use the same software CD in a number of devices. It is also quite handy if you have the habit of updating or changing your devices often and you don’t want to buy the same software too many times.

Versatility with File Formats

Of course, you need a software that gives you the most versatility with file formats. The software that can save your work in almost all formats that your computerized embroidery machine can recognize.

If your machine can’t recognize the format you have saved your file in, your software can’t guide your machine to do the work. The software that can recognize all the file formats are the safest one to choose since you are not leaving anything to chance.

Built-in Features

If your software comes with built-in fonts, monograms or frames, you can use it to make different designs easily. The built-in fonts are a great help if you want to stitch text or names, and built-in frames are great for monograms and logos.

These are all the features that your Embroidery digitizing software should have, but they should also come in a software under your budget. Finding the right software will help you learn using these software easily and make your preferred designs much more easily.

Embroidery Software: FAQs

If you are new to the world of creating or editing your designs, or if you have just started, you might have a lot of questions about it. Here are some of the most common questions about these Embroidery digitizing software that you can have, and the answers.

1. Does the stitch come out exactly the way it is on the design?

The design comes out exactly the way you see it on your computer, given that you have the right colored threads. The colors may also depend on the fabric you are using, but the designs is always exactly the same .

2. Are lettering and monogramming software different from regular embroidery digitizing software?

Lettering and monogramming software are specially designed for stitching fonts and texts. With these software you can stitch names, texts and logos on your preferred piece of fabric.

3. Can I use designs downloaded from the Internet?

If you can find designs in the file format that is recognized by your Embroidery Digitizing Software, or if you can convert it into a format recognized by the software, you can definitely use a design you have downloaded from the Internet.

4. Can I use Embroidery digitizing software on a device other than a computer?

You can’t use all the different Embroidery digitizing software on a device other than a PC or a MAC, but there are some apps on both Google and iTunes that you can use from a tablet or a smartphone.

5. Can I use any of these software if I am a complete beginner?

As a beginner, it would be better to use an easy software that has been specially designed for beginners.

With such software, you can later upgrade to the higher levels when you have mastered the initial levels; that makes it easier to gradually learn your way through these Embroidery digitizing software until you are ready to try some of the hard features.

Final Words

Without the help of Embroidery Digitizing Software, you can make stitching and embroidery easy and fun. You can make any kind of designs, fonts and texts you want on your clothes, personalize your belongings and make customized gifts for others.

The right software that you choose will make your journey into stitching and embroidering much more enjoyable, so you need to choose one that coincides with your level of expertise and experience.

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