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Die Cut vs Laser Cut: Differences and Similarities

There are many significant differences between the die cutting and laser cutting. For the ease of your work, should know the differences between them. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get a nice finishing.

So let’s know what makes the difference between these two processes.

What is Die Cutting?

This is the process of cutting the material into a unique shape after printing. For low strength object, you can use die to cut.

For different shape and decorative shape, you have to go through die cutting operation. Putting the material on a soft or wood metal block, you have to run a die which will offer you the shape that you want.

And after running that die on the block you will be able to cut the material by the cutting tool.


  • It provides flexibility
  • Unique design cutting is possible
  • Affordable and lower cost
  • Curving and bowing won’t appear
  • The complex shape can be achieved
  • Fast operation
  • Multiple cuts are possible
  • Many layers cutting is possible
  • Best for achieving creases in plastics and card


  • The cutting tool is sharp blade which can be dangerous
  • New die for each design
  • Base wood has to be perfect for saving itself from any disturbance during cutting

What is Laser Cutting?

The process of cutting in which there will be the use of a laser is called the laser cutting machine. By operating high laser ray, the operation runs by the machine.

It is totally an automation process which runs on the computer. You have to just insert the design means the die which you want in the material.


  • More precious work is possible
  • Tiny design can be drawn by this
  • Material’s density is not a problem at all
  • Production time is less
  • Customization is easier
  • Efficiency level is high


  • Mixed type materials are not possible to handle
  • Work for different temperature
  • Dust and smoke is produced
  • Cost is high
  • Consume high energy
  • Can cause the burn or other types of accident

Similarities Between Die Cutting and Laser Cutting

The similarities between these two types of cutting operation are that they both first need a die to run the operation.

To run the operation you will insert a die which will copy the cutter and in the feedback, you will get back the design you want.

Differences Between Die Cutting and Laser Cutting

The automatic and the manual create the main difference between them. Laser cutting operation run automatically but the die cutting run by the operator.

From a distance, the operator handles the laser cutting operation only by adjusting the temperature and other function of the laser. But for die cutting the operation doesn’t need to set the atmospheric things!!

He/she just has to cut the material according to the die.

The indie cutting operation you have to insert die and giving pressure on those points but in laser cutting, you don’t need this.

You have to insert dye into the computer and from that the laser cutter will recognize the design and perform its operation.

If your customer wants such precious work with so much complex design then there is no option other than using laser cutting. And time and perfection matter between die cutting and laser cutting.


So, in the conclusion, you should say on their field both of the cutting function is best. If you need more accuracy or perfection then you should choose the laser cutting.

But here is a thing and that is money!!!

Yes, laser cutting is costly whether the die cutting is not. If you have such money problem then you can focus on die designing perfectly because by that you will be able to use die cutter.

Die cutting and lesser cutting both of them are effective but laser cutting provides much accuracy.

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