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How To Choose Blank T-Shirts For Your Printing Company?

Thinking about starting a T-shirt printing business by yourself? Looking for some blank T-shirts to print? Then you must go for the best quality of them. If you start with low quality, you may never be able to create a market in this competitive field.

But picking the best one isn’t so easy. Especially, if you’re new to the business, it’s more challenging. Catchy T-shirt ads may pop up in your laptop screen every now and then while browsing. The market also offers you various options.

So, how to sort out the most suitable ones for your new printing business? More specifically, what to look for in a best quality blank T-shirt? Let’s find out the answer.

How To Choose Blank T-shirts For Printing?

1. Check the Material and Its Quality First

Don’t ignore the material just because it’s a piece of T-shirt. Remember what type of fabric it is will decide the level of comfort, and performance. More specifically the quality of the material is what you should consider. You certainly don’t want your customer take T-shirt from you and it gets shrunk after its very first wash.

Patronize the dealers who only sell high quality of cloth. Again, people prefer softness in a t-shirt which again depends on the materials. Also, what type of dye will suit on it depends upon the material.

However, cotton is the most popular one. If you’re preferring cotton then make sure it’s 100% cotton. Again of all cotton, Rungspur cotton is softest and best suited for printing.

Again, you can choose blends instead of pure materials. There’re double or triple blends with cotton. A blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester is quite popular. The heather grey T-shirt you wear is a combination of 90% cotton and only 10% polyester.

Tri-blends are much softer than double blends and stretchy. It consists of 50% cotton, 25% rayon and 25% polyester. Though organic cotton cloth is soft, some normal cotton is even softer. But if you’re an environment friend, you should probably go for organic cotton. Also, if you have already an established quilting business, then it makes the way easier in many ways.

2. Choose a Variety of Fittings

Unless you have a specific type of t-shirt users, you should go for a diversion. Thus you can attract a variety of customers in the market. It’s because people come with different tastes and preferences.

Some prefer fashion fitted for everyday use while other prefers baggy. Some also prefer funny shirts not too tight not too baggy. Why don’t you have all of them? But if you target a specific class of people, then you must fulfill their demand first. For example, if the street crowd is your main target, have a wide collection of the baggy box cut T-shirts.

3. Mix Different Sizes of T-Shirts

It’s wise to have a collection of various sizes from small to large, even XXXL. It’ll attract people of all ages and sizes unless you’re in a country where almost everyone has the same size. For example, China where small sizes are mostly demanded.

4. Choose T-Shirts Both for Male and Female

If you want both male and female as your customer, you can go for unisex styles and design. Or you can have separate collections for both male and female. The neck styles are also different for the female.

For example, V, round or halter necks are for female T-shirts. Also, collect T-shirts having different types of sleeves from long to quarter to the half.

5. Choose both Dull and Bright Colors

You may think, the color of your T-shirt isn’t a fact to pay attention. But you’re wrong. Color is one of the governing facts that’ll decide what type of design and sheds will go with it when you’ll print it.

So don’t just pick boring colors so all of your T-shirts look like the same. Choose a variety of colors, both light and bright. You can also choose contrasts. The colors also have an effect on the profit.

6. Buy Directly From the Manufacturer

If you’re starting your own brand, obviously you want to come with the best quality within the budget of the common. But sometimes it’s not possible when you have to purchase it at a high price. So cutting down the price much won’t be profitable. So purchase shirts directly from a factory or the wholesalers. Blend the price with the quality. But never compromise the quality.

Some Additional Facts

1. The Target Customer

If you’re new to the business and don’t have much experience in this field, it’ll be better for you to create a target audience. By doing so, it will be easy for you to understand what they want and make orders according to their interest. You may target a specific age, locality, profession, gender, body size etc.

2. The Printing Method You’re Going To Use

A specific type of material may not be suitable for the printing method you’ve adopted. That’s why it’s important to choose a method so that you can focus on buying the right type of blank T-shirt for printing.

For example, if you want to use a high color saturation on all over the body, 100% polyester will be perfect. But if you’re using screen-printing, you can choose any material you like.

Again, for using detailed photographic images, choose dark and 200% cotton T-shirts. If you’re thinking of doing embroidery, Heavy cotton or polo shirt is what you’re looking for.

3. The Brand Of Blank T-Shirts

If you re-label the T-shirts, there’s no way for your customer to know on which brand you printed on. It’s up to you whether you’ll tell your customer the brand name or not. If you think it’ll create a great appeal for your customer then you can tell.

Below is the name of some popular blank T-Shirt brands.

American Apparel – they produce T-shirts of various materials and blends. 100% cotton, 50/50 blend, tri-blend and millions of color choices they ensure high quality.

Alternative Apparel – more expensive and higher quality than the previous one.

Standard Tees – 100% cotton, not fitted but box cut. Ideal for screen printers.

Tultex – a great way to wear quality by exchange of a few dollars.

Alstyle – not as good fit as Tultex but definitely you can save some dollar.

So now, let’s watch the following video:

Tips for Buying Blank T-Shirts to Benefit Your Business

Buy T-shirts from a supplier who offers mixed varieties of T-shirts.

Deal with a supplier who has a return policy. If you find any problem after buying a T-shirt, you can return it or make a replacement.

Don’t buy from any supplier who provides the low-quality T-shirts, no matter how much low price they offer.

Try not to add the shipping expense in the T-shirt price. If you know any supplier or wholesaler who offers free shipping, contact him. Then you’ll be able to cut down the cost.

If you’re making the T-shirts yourself, make sure you’ve chosen a quality piece of material.

Final Verdict

I am saying that printing on American Apparel for a streetwear T-shirt will be a wastage or over-spent. It’s up to your ability how much you can spend on quality and materials. Think about what you want to offer your customer and in which price.

There are many things you have to decide for yourself. But knowing some trick to cut down the expenditure is often comes in handy. You will be able to conduct the business in a more effective way.

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