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Best Iron for Quilting: Reviews 2019

Quilting has been a fun hobby for centuries, but also a profitable business for many. Have you tried it?  Our mothers and grandmothers have been making quilts for a long time, for themselves and for gifts. Quilts have always been perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings and christenings forever – a nice personal touch for the people […]

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How To Fix Common Sewing Machine Problems

A sewing machine makes our life so much easier, doesn’t it? You might need hours to finish the job that takes a machine mere minutes. A machine certainly helps us save time and unnecessary efforts. That is until the machine falters and you are left with a technical problem.  Whether you are using a traditional, basic sewing […]

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Best Sewing Machine for Beginners Reviews 2019

 ​Do you remember a time when every household had a sewing machine? Each of our mothers, aunts and grandmothers could not only make simple repairs and tucks, but even make their own clothes. They were all fabulous tailors and fashion designers, and most of their clothes came from their own sewing machines. Some of them were quite […]

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The Basic Tools That Every Quilter Needs

 Quilting is one of the most fun hobbies you can ever try! What an absolutely perfect way to show the world just how creative you are. While making a quilt, you won’t have to worry about clinging to the rules, follow in the footsteps of others; you can make anything that is to your liking. Generation after […]

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A Beginner Guide To Practice Knitting

We’ve all seen our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knit as a hobby, and sometimes, even our mothers. Indeed, knitting is something many women – and some rare men – have always enjoyed, especially when there is news of a new member of the family coming soon. Although the shopping malls are full of cute little sweaters, mittens, and […]

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Learning Embroidery: A Beginner Guide

You might be a professional with a successful embroidery business or an amateur one who loves to make handicrafts for your friends and family members, or embroidering can be something you do to relax. You can be a pro with extraordinary skill or someone who is only a beginner, but you can always increase your skill […]

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