Best Yarn for Scarves- Recommendation By Professionals

Crocheting scarves isn’t a very common hobby, but there are a lot of people who really enjoy this hobby.

A crocheter who loves to knit scarves is usually extremely particular about the yarn, because only the best yarn for scarves should be used for these projects.

If you love crocheting scarves or if this is a new hobby that seems interesting to you, you need to know about all the best yarns, supplies and tools for crocheting yarns, because the scarves that you end up crocheting should not just be beautiful, but also comfortable and durable. 

There’s a lot that you need to learn about yarns, especially if you are new to this hobby. This is not a very easy hobby to master, but having the right yarns can be a great help. So, if you are looking for the best yarns, you’ll get all the information and names here in this single article. 

Top 11 Best Yarn for Scarves

These 11 kinds of yarns described in details below are some of the best yarns for scarves that you can get for for crocheting. 

1. Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo E302C

Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo E302C, Macaw
  • 100Percent Acrylic fibers
  • Made in the USA
  • No dye lot solids
  • Size 8 us knitting needles, size i-9 Crochet hook recommended
  • Machine wash warm; tumble dry on low

These yarns are made from 100% Acrylic fibers and a product of the United States of America. They are available in 30 colors, of which more than 26 are of solid colors, from black to pink, spring green to bright yellow, cherry red to royal blue. The mixed colors are available in shades of wildflower, blacklight, Pretty & Pink and Icelandic.

Each of these balls have twice the amount of yarn than any of the normal Super Saver Skein models. All of these yarn balls are 744 yards in length, mostly the solid color ones. The printed ones, multi-colored ones and the Heathers are 482 yards in length, so you’ll need more than one for a full-length scarf. .  

These are solid colors that won’t fade and aren’t dyed. You need a pair of Size 8 US knitting needles and a Size i-9 Crocheting hook to use these yarns. They can be washed in a machine with warm water, and even dried in a machine on low speed. You can wash these yarns multiple times in the machines, as well as wash them after crocheting them into scarves.  


  • Made with 100% Acrylic fibers 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Comes in more than 30 colors 
  • Twice the amount of normal Super Saver Skein models
  • Solid color yarns are 744 yards in length 
  • Printed, multi-colored and Heathers are 482 yards in length
  • Colors don’t fade after washing 
  • Recommended use with a pair of Size 8 US knitting needles 
  • Recommended use with a Size i-9 Crocheting hook 
  • Machine washable

2. TYH Supplies 20-Pack 22 Yard Acrylic Yarn

TYH Supplies 20-Pack 22 Yard Acrylic Yarn Assorted Colors Skeins - Perfect for Mini Knitting and Crochet Project
  • 20 different colors - No Doubles - Assorted Colors.
  • Collection of 20 miniature skeins of yarn Perfect for projects requiring a wide range of colors
  • Machine Washable and Dry - Tumble Dry Normal - Do Not Bleach - Do Not Iron
  • 3 DK Weight: Light Worsted Yarn, Each skein is 10g 22 yards long (20.1 m - 66 ft) for a total of 440 yd (402.3 m -1320ft)
  • 100-percent Acrylic

If this is a new hobby that you are starting, this 20-pack supply of Acrylic yard has everything you’ll need to start. This is a pack of 20 different colors of yarn, everything from sky blue to orange, purple to grey.

There will be no duplicates or repeated colors in each pack, so that you get a rainbow of colors that you can use in your projects. These yarns are also available in 50 pack sets and 20 pack sets of 44 yards - whichever you need for your upcoming projects. 

All these yarns from TYH Supplies are made from 100% Acrylic, and each of the skein is 22 yards long, which is 20.1 meters or 66 feet long. With all 20 yarns, you are getting a total of 440 yards length of yarn, which you can use for multiple projects.

You cannot iron these yarn but you can definitely wash and dry them in a machine, both before and after crocheting. The company recommends using needles from sizes 5 to 7 for knitting and a G hook for crocheting with these yarns. 


  • Pack of 20 yarns of different colors 
  • No duplicates or double colors 
  • Each skein is 22 yards long (20.1 meters/66 feet) 
  • Also available in 44 yards and pack of 50 yarn skeins 
  • Made from 100% Acrylic fiber 
  • Recommended use of 5 to 7 knitting needles 
  • Recommended use of G crocheting hook

3. 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn DK - Set of 3 AndeanSun

(Set of 3) 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn DK #3 (150 Grams Total) Luxuriously Cozy and Caring Soft to Enjoy Knitting, Crocheting and Weaving - Gorgeous Twist and Stitch Definition (Medium Grey)
  • [ Naturally warm, soft, caring, fun and enjoyable! ] Our alpaca blend skeins are untangled from start to finish. Alpaca fiber is a luxury fiber that offers the best natural thermal protection and greatest qualities of all the luxury fibers.
  • [ Highest quality ] True premium quality 100% baby alpaca yarn / DK-Light worsted weight works beautifully for baby garments, shawls, scarves, hats, sweaters and many other projects you have in mind.
  • [ Specifications ] Weight category #3 DK. Needle needed: US 5-7 (3.75-4.5 mm) crochet hook needed: US 7 to i-9 (4.5-5.5 mm). Approximately 366 yards/336 meters total, 122 yards/112 meters per skein. 150 grams total, 50 grams per skein or 5.28 ounces total, 1.76 ounces per skein.
  • [ Sustainable and Cruelty-Free] sustainable & environmentally friendly, our skeins are made from the finest alpaca wool that is shorn from alpacas once a year with the greatest of care, a necessary part of maintaining good animal health.
  • [ Satisfaction guaranteed ] you'll love the soft, warm, feel of our 100% baby alpaca yarn, but for whatever reason you may return the product no questions asked within 90 days.

These extremely soft and comfortable yarns from AndeanSun are perfect not just for the softest scarves, but also hats, crafting projects, shawls, socks and mittens. You can even make clothes, hats and mittens for newborns, toddlers and children. They are a set of 3 yarns in the ame color: medium grey; all of these natural yarns are made from 100% baby Alpaca yarn. 

These yarns fall under weight category #3 DK, and recommended for use with US needles sizes 6 to 7. If you are using these yarn for crocheting, the recommended crochet hook is US size 7 to 1-9.

The yarn skeins are approximately 366 yards in length, which also means 336 meters in total; each of them are around 122 yards in length, or 112 meters in length. These are also lightweight yarn skeins, each weighing only 50 grams or 1.76 ounces. Together, all three skeins weigh 5.28 ounces or 150 grams. 

These yarns are environmentally friendly, and will make sustainable scarves that you will be able to use for many years to come. Even after daily washing, the scarves crocheted or knitted with these yarns will not be damaged in any way. The natural yarn is made from Alpaca wool, which is supposed to be shorn at least once a year for the betterment and physical wellbeing of the animals. 


  • Made from 100% natural Alpaca wool 
  • Set of 3 yarn skeins 
  • Each yarn skein is 122 yards (112 meters) in length
  • Each skein weighs only 50 grams (1.76 ounces) 
  • Recommended for use with US needles sizes 6 to 7
  • Recommended crochet hook is US size 7 to 1-9
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Sustainable material that will last years 
  • Animal cruelty free 
  • Perfect for scarves, hats, shawls and gloves
  • Can be used to make clothes, hats and mittens for newborns and children 
  • Extremely soft and comfortable

4. Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic Yarn Bonbons

Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic Yarn Skeins | Total of 525 Yards Craft Yarn | Includes 2 Crochet Hooks, 2 Weaving Needles, 7 E-Books | DK Yarn for Knitting and Crochet | Perfect Beginner Kit
  • Premium quality - eight yarn skeins 100% acrylic in rainbow colors - great gift idea - total of 525 yards (480 m) colorful yarn! - get a palette of fresh yarn colors to compliment any of your yarn patterns, or inspire and create brand new ones
  • Crochet craft kit included - 2 crochet hooks(size H and J), 2 weaving needles(6.0cm & 7.0cm in length, 16mm hole size)
  • Become a member of the vast yarn community today - you can never be bored, as there are endless sources of yarn projects with detailed and easy to follow step by step guides on the internet - from yarn crafts, yarn home decorations, amigurumi and yarn toys, to yarn crochet and knitting project ideas
  • 7 E-books with patterns included - variety of yarn patterns and simple yarn crafts included
  • Excellent starter kit and yarn for beginners - great starter kit, as you have all you need to start on a project, including some exciting patterns; suitable for beginners, and travel too; Note: if used by kids, strict adult supervision required at all times

In extremely bright and vibrant colors, this is a set of 8 yarn skeins, each of a different color and shade. Not just yarn, this set also comes with 2 weaving needles, 7 eBooks and 2 crochet hooks - a perfect beginner’s kit for the newcomer to this hobby. This can also be a great gift for anyone who wants to start this hobby or loves to weave/knit/crochet. 

In the vibrant colors of the rainbow, these yarns can be used to make into scarves, shawls, hats or mittens. Together, they are 525 yards in length, or 480 meters long; individually, they are approximately 65 yards long, each with 4 ply. Beside scarfs, you can use these incredibly bright and soft yarn skeins to make jewelry, craft projects, pompoms or even mittens, shoes and hats for babies. Each of the skeins measure 5.3 inch x 2.5 inch x 3 inch and weighs 8 gram individually. 

These yarns can be washed and dried in a machine, both before and after crocheting, weaving or knitting. They cannot be bleached or ironed, though. The colors will stay the same after multiple washes, even after years of use. 


  • Set of 8 rainbow colored yarn skeins 
  • Comes with 7 eBooks, 2 crochet hooks and 2 weaving needles 
  • Perfect for beginner or as gift 
  • Each skein is 65 yards long  
  • Each skein weighs 8 grams 
  • Together, all 8 skeins are 535 yards (480 meter) in length 
  • Can be used to make clothes, hats and socks for newborns 
  • Can be washed and tumble dried in  machine 
  • Cannot be ironed or bleach 
  • Long-lasting color and brightness

5. Lion Brand 3 Pack Woolspun Acrylic and Wool Yarn

This is a set of 3 woolspun Acrylic and Wool Yarn skein, perfect from everything from knitting sweaters and scarves to weaving shawls, making hats, socks, baby shoes and mittens, hats and craft projects.

They are made from a mixture of 80% acrylic and 20% wool, which makes them extremely soft and warm. You can make sweaters and mittens for yourself  to wear in winter, as well as scarves and shawls that will keep you warm and comfortable. 

These yarns from Lion Brand are available in more than 20 colors, both in solid colors and shades. From light blue to tomato red, aquamarine to campfire print, you can have a number of shades and colors to make extremely vibrant and bright winter wear for yourself. These yarns are also great for making has, mittens and socks for newborns and young children with soft skin. 

Each of these yarn skeins weigh 3.5 ounces and has a length of 27 yards. Together, they are 381 yards long and belongs to the Bulky #5 category in terms of weight. The solid color yarns are 127 yard per skein while the variegated ones are 108 yards per skein, 324 yards together.

All the colors are beautiful and long-lasting, and will remain the same after multiple washing. These yarns are 12 ply each, extremely warm and comfortable. Made in Turkey, you can wash and tumble dry them in a machine without any damage. 


  • Set of 3 yarn skeins 
  • Comfortable, warm and soft 
  • Available in more than 20 colors and patterns 
  • Available in solid colors and variegated colors 
  • Made from combination of 20% wool and 80% Acrylic 
  • Great for making has, mittens and socks for newborns 
  • Each yarn skeins weigh 3.5 ounces 
  • Belongs to the Bulky #5 category 
  • Solid color yarns are 127 yard per skein 
  • Variegated yarn skeins are 108 yards in length 
  • 12 ply yarn skeins 
  • Made in Turkey 
  • Can be washed and tumble dried in a machine

This single yarn skein from Lion Brand Yarn is made from 100% Acrylic in the United States, and can be washed and tumble dried in a machine.

There are more than 20 colors and shades to choose from, including interesting names like the “Salem Creek”, the “Sioux City Tweed”, the “Tampa Spice”, the “Wolverines”, the “Key Largo Tweed”, the “Los Angeles Tan” and the “Madison Mustard”, and many more. Each of the colors are vibrant and beautiful, and will make stunning sweaters, hats and scarves. 

You can use these multi-colored and colorful yarns to make personal winter clothes, winter clothes for children, school or sports teams. The colors available are both bright  and subtle, and can easily become a part of a school uniform or college logo colors. These yarn skeins can be used in both knitting and weaving, or crocheting. They are easy to care for and will last years, even after regular washing and use. 


  • Pack of 1 yarn skein 
  • Available in more than 20 colors 
  • Both vibrant and subtle colors available 
  • Can be made into sweaters, hats, mittens and scarves 
  • Can be a part of school uniform or college colors 
  • Can be used for knitting, weaving and crocheting 
  • Can be washed and tumble dried in a machine

7. Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn  

Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn, 3.5 oz, Natural, 1 Ball
  • Patons Classic Wool Roving is an essential wool roving yarn that's perfect for accessories and cozy garments
  • Ball Size: 100g / 3.5 oz, 109 meters / 120 yards
  • Content: 100% wool / Care: Hand wash and dry flat / Gauge: 5 Bulky
  • Knitting Gauge: 15 sts and 20 rows with a 6 mm (U.S. 10) knitting needle
  • Crochet Gauge: 10 sc and 11 rows with a 6 mm (U.S. J/10) crochet hook

This single yarn skein from Lion Brand Yarn is made from 100% Acrylic in the United States, and can be washed and tumble dried in a machine.

There are more than 20 colors and shades to choose from, including interesting names like the “Salem Creek”, the “Sioux City Tweed”, the “Tampa Spice”, the “Wolverines”, the “Key Largo Tweed”, the “Los Angeles Tan” and the “Madison Mustard”, and many more. Each of the colors are vibrant and beautiful, and will make stunning sweaters, hats and scarves. 

In 14 solid colors, these wool roving yarns are made from 100% Merino Wool, perfect for sweaters, scarves, hats or mittens. Each ball weighs 100 gram or 3.5 ounces, and is 120 yards in length (109 meters).

They belong to the #5 bulky category and you can even wash these by hand. The knitting needles recommended for these yarns are 15 sts and/or 20 rows with a 6 mm size, i.e. US size 10; for crocheting, the recommended gauge for these yarns are 10 sc and/or 11 rows, with a 6 mm crochet hook, i.e. US size J/10.  


  • Set of 1 yarn skein 
  • Made from 100% acrylic 
  • Available in 14 solid colors with interesting names 
  • Vibrant and long-lasting color options
  • Each skein is 120 yard (109 meters) in length 
  • Each skein weighs 100 grams (33.5 ounces) 
  • Yarns belong to #5 bulky category 
  • Recommended knitting needles: 15 sts and/or 20 rows with a 6 mm size (US size 10)
  • Recommended crochet hooks: 10 sc and/or 11 rows, with a 6 mm size (US size J/10)
  • Should be hand-washed and flat dried

8. Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn

RED HEART Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, Camouflage
  • Red Heart super saver jumbo yarn in a variety of colors for added value and convenience
  • Made of 100 percent acrylic material
  • Ideal for all your ever versatile worsted-weight patterns for sweaters, afghans, jackets, hats, gloves, shawls, scarves and other accessories
  • Knits up and crochets beautifully and adjust the total number of skeins required as needed
  • Available in camouflage color

In a unique and brilliant camouflage shade, this yarn from RED HEART is affordable, soft and incredibly comfortable. You can also find this jumbo yarn skein in colorful options such as “buff”, “burgundy”, “claret”, “coffee”, “orchid”, “petal pink” and “cherry red”, and many other colors. These yarns are all made from 100% Acrylic materials and extremely long lasting. 

You can use these yarns to make colorful sweaters, scarves, craft projects, hats, mittens, gloves and shawls, both for yourself and for your kids. These yarns can be used in both knitting, weaving and crocheting, with ease. Each of the solid colored yarn skeins are 744 yards long, while the multi-colored and textured ones are 482 yards in length. 


  • Set of one skein 
  • Available in more than 36 colors and shades 
  • Available in both solid colors and multi-colored textures 
  • Solid colors are 744 yards long 
  • Multi-colored yarns are 482 yards long 
  • Can be used in crocheting, weaving and knitting 
  • Made from 100% Acrylic materials 
  • Each yarn skein weighs 14-ounce

9. NICEEC 2-Skeins Super Soft Fur Yarn

NICEEC 2 Skeins Super Soft Fur Yarn Chunky Fluffy Faux Fur Yarn Eyelash Yarn for Crochet Knit-Total Length 2×32m(2×35yds,50g×2)-Black with White
  • ⚠NOTE⚠ : We suggest you order more at the same time, because the color in different patches might be a little different.
  • [Parameters for Fur Yarn ] There are 2 skeins of fur yarn in a package,and each yarn is about 50g (About 32 m / 35 yards) made of 100% Polyester exquisite faux fur yarn. Uniform long "hair" and fuzzy fun fur in a yarn with unique color variation and realistic look of it
  • [Super Soft Feelings] Chunky fluffy yarn with super light soft and smooth feelings. It's a new product which is luxurious and fancy, featuring the same length of fur and well-distributed texture. This is a new product with innovative design and you won't be disappointed with this fur yarn
  • [Easy to Work With] It's a faux fur yarn which is chunky and nice. It's easy to knit or crochet with this beautiful fur yarn
  • [USAGE] Suitable for any project! Perfect for making trendy fur garments and fur accessories including stoles, wraps, scarves, caps and more.There is nothing more special than a hand-made gift made of yarns!

These are 35-yard long yarn skeins, two in each set. Each of the yarn skeins weigh only 50 grams and is made from 100% polyester faux fur material. The yarns are also extremely soft and comfortable, and you can use them to knit, crochet or weave anything for yourself. They are available in both solid colors and in multi-colored shades, in more than 20 colors. 

You get two skeins of yarn in every set, each of the same color. The fuzzy look of the yarn gives it a realistic touch, and feels soft against your skin. The texture of the yarn also makes it easier to work with, both with crochet hooks or knitting needles. You can use them for hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters and any kind of woollen craft projects. 

Each of the yarn skeins weigh 50 gram, which makes the set lightweight at 100 grams. You’ll need about 2 skeins of yarn to make a hat or headgear, 4 skeins to make a scarf, and around 12 to 18 skeins for a standard sized sweater. 


  • Set of 2 skeins of yarn 
  • Made from 100% polyester faux fur 
  • Available in solid colors and textures
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Available in more than 20 color options 
  • Each skein weighs 50 grams 
  • Required yarn for a hat or headgear: 2 skeins 
  • Required yarn for a scarf: 2 to 4 skeins 
  • Required yarn for a sweater: 12 to 18 skeins 
  • Easy to use with knitting needles and crochet hooks

10. Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn 

Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn, 8.8oz, Guage 5 Bulky Chunky, Cream
  • Gauge: 5 - Bulky Chunky, 72% cotton, 28% nylon
  • Crochet Gauge: 10 sc and 11 rows with a 8 mm (U.S. L/11) crochet hook
  • Knitting Gauge: 13 sts and 17 rows with a 8 mm (U.S. 11) knitting needle
  • 8.8 oz/250 g, 317 yds/290 m
  • Care: Machine wash and dry

These chunky and bulky #5 gauge yarn skeins are made from a mixture of 72% cotton and 28% nylon, but looks just like real wool. You get one of these yarns in each set, and each of them weighs 8.8 ounce, or 250 grams. The yarn skeins are 317 yards in length or 290 meters long; you can wash and dry them in a machine. 

These yarns can be used with 10 sc and 11 rows with an 8 mm crochet hook, i.e. L/11 US size crochet hook. You can also use these yarns with a pair of 13 sts and 17 rows with an 8 mm knitting needles, i.e. US size 11. Besides winter wear and accessories, you can use these versatile and durable home decor yarn for various crafting projects and decoration pieces for your home. 


  • Set of one yarn skeins 
  • Available in more than 14 colors 
  • Available in solid colors 
  • Each skein weighs 8.8 ounce (250 grams) 
  • Each skein is 37 yards long (290 meters)  
  • Recommended crochet hook: 10 sc and 11 rows with an 8 mm (L/11 US size)
  • Recommended Knitting Needles: 13 sts and 17 rows with an 8 mm (11 US size)
  • Durable and soft

11. Darn Good Recycled Handmade Yarn 

Darn Good Yarn One of a Kind Vibrant Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn Soft Colorfast Saree (Sari) Silk Yarn | “at The Bahamas” | Recycled | 100 Grams, 55 Yards, 1 Skein
  • Perfect for Knitting and Crochet, Jewelry Making, Gift Wrapping and Weaving.
  • Customer Friendly 1-year Guarantee offered
  • One of a Kind: Darn Good Yarn Vibrant Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn is purely handmade with unique colors and textures; includes 1 one-of-a-kind handmade Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn.
  • Recycled: Darn Good Yarn Vibrant Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn | Recycled Handmade Ribbon for Knitting, Crochet, Handmade Jewelry & DIY Craft Projects | Soft Colorfast Saree (Sari) Silk Yarn “At the Bahamas”
  • Handcrafted: Darn Good Yarn Vibrant Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn helps to give handmade beautiful jewelry to wear and to gift it to your loved ones. Incorporating a textural band within a knitted top. Unique and fun!

These yarn skeins from DARN GOOD YARNS are completely different from the regular ones we usually see in the market. They are made from 100% recycled materials and usually comes in a vibrant, multi-colored yarn ball. You can use them with knitting needles and crocheting hooks for making a number of projects, winter wear and accessories.    

These recycled yarns have a width of ¾” and each of them weigh 100 grams. These yarns are 130 yards in length each and can be used in making almost anything. The multi-colored yarns can make the brightest accessories and clothes for yourself, and will be extremely comfortable to wear and use. You need to use a US standard size 19 knitting needles for these yarns, or a US S crochet hook with these yarns. 

These recyclable and eco-friendly yarns can be washed by hand or in a machine. Some of these yarns also come with gold and silver metallic thread and made by recycling brocade, which can be an allergy warning for some people. 


  • Can be used in crocheting, knitting, weaving and spinning 
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials 
  • Vibrant, multi-colored yarns 
  • Can be used with knitting needles and crochet hooks 
  • Varying textures and widths 
  • Not elastic 
  • Each skein is 43 yards long 
  • Each skein weighs only 100 grams 
  • Recommended knitting needles: US size 19 
  • Recommended crochet hooks: US size S
  • Can contain metallic thread from brocade material 
  • Hand-crafted material 
  • Can be used in gift wrapping and making jewelry

Yarn Buying Guide for Scarves: Tips and Advice 

When you are buying a scarf for yourself, you need to meet a number of criteria: color, weight, texture, comfort, durability and flexibility. It’s almost the same when you are buying the best yarns to make a scarf, or any other kind of winter wear and accessories, for yourself.

There are some criteria that the yarn skeins of your choice needs to meet, especially if you want to work with something that will be beautiful, comfortable and durable

Especially in terms of yarn, there are some special benchmarks or guidelines that must be met for you to end up with a good quality skein of yarn. 

  1. Weight Category/Weight Type 

Yarns are divided into several categories or types based on their weight. In fact, this is the primary and the most important way to distinguish between different types of yarn. The categories range from Category #0, which is the finest type of yarn to Category #6, which is extremely bulky and heavy. 

Category #0 is the lightest kind of yarn, resembling lace and mostly used for making doilies and decor pieces. They are extremely fine and light and can tangle easily, and these yarns cannot be washed often.

On the other hand, Category #1, Category #2 and Category #3 also belong to Super Fine, Fine and Light  type of yarn. These yarns doesn’t have more than 2 to 5 ply in them, and are perfect for smaller accessories for personal use, such as hats, gloves and socks. These yarns are also very soft and comfortable to wear. The Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic Yarn Bonbons and the NICEEC 2-Skeins Super Soft Fur Yarn belong to these categories. 

Category #4 means the yarn is of medium build and comes with 8 to 10 ply. These yarns are used for thin, threadlike sweaters, hats and mittens; they can also be used in lean scarves. 

Category #5 and Category #6 belongs to bulky and super bulky yarns. They come with 12 to 14 ply, or more. You’ll need large crochet hooks and long knitting needles to work with these yarns as they happen to be very thick.

Besides, it is always better to work with these bulky yarns if you are experienced in these crafts. The Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn and the Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn both belong to the bulky categories. You can use these yarns to make scarves, but these scarves will be extremely thick, soft and heavy. If you make scarves using Category #5 or Category #6 yarn, they’ll have to be very short ones. 

  1. Material 

Yarns are generally supposed to be made from natural sheep wool, but these days, you can find knitting yarn also made from mohair, cotton, cashmere, Angora, Alpaca, silk and even Rayon, Nylon and Polyester. These different materials will all feel different against your skin, so you can always pick a favorite. The different materials also mean that these yarn types also vary in prices, so that’s a big factor. 

The Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn is made from 100% Merino wool and the 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn DK - Set of 3 AndeanSun is made from very exclusive Alpaca yarn. On the other hand, the Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo E302C, Lion Brand 135-215Hometown Yarn, 1 Skein and the TYH Supplies 20-Pack 22 Yard Acrylic Yarn are made from 100% acrylic fiber. 

Alternatively, the NICEEC 2-Skeins Super Soft Fur Yarn is made from polyester faux fur materials and will last very long. Each of these yarns vary in prices, textures and sometimes, in color tones because they are made from different materials

  1. Weight 

How much you want your scarf to weigh depends on your own preferences, the weather and your need for coverage. The higher weight category the yarn belongs to, the bulkier and heavier the scarf is going to be. If you live in an extremely cold climate, you need yarn that belongs to Category #5 or Category #6, which are going to be thick and warm.

From the list above, the Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn, the Lion Brand 3 Pack Woolspun Acrylic and Wool Yarn and the Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn all belong to Category #5 yarn and are heavier than others yarns. On the other hand, the 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn DK - Set of 3 AndeanSun belongs to Category #3. 

  1. Length of Yarn 

Even if you order the same colors from the same brand, they may come out slightly different in tone and shade. This is because each strand of natural wool reacts differently to dye and can come out in different colors. The best way to avoid this is to buy yarn skeins that are big and long, so that you can use a single one of the same color to make your entire project. 

From the list above, the Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo E302C and the Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn are both 744 yards long, the Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn is 317 yards long, and the 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn DK is 127 yard long. With the first two types of yarn, you might only need a single skein to finish working on a scarf, but if you buy one of the yarns that’s shorter, you’ll need more than a few to finish knitting a scarf. This can mean a slight difference in the color or shade in different parts of the same scarf. 

On the other hand, if you are weaving, crocheting or knitting something colorful, you will need multiple colors of yarn skeins for the same project. For these kind of projects, it is better to buy yarn that are shorter, i.e. the Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic Yarn Bonbons is only 65 yards long each, the Lion Brand 3 Pack Woolspun Acrylic and Wool Yarn is only 27 yards long and the Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn is 37 yards long. 

Besides, in the TYH Supplies 20-Pack 22 Yard Acrylic Yarn, you get a set of 20 yarns, each of different colors. This set is perfect for colorful hats, sweaters, scarves and mittens. 

  1. Set of Yarns 

If you are planning to make a scarf, a hat or a pair of gloves, you are going to need more than a single skein of yarn to do the job. You’ll need to order yarns multiple times if you only order single items or single skeins of yarns.

On the other hand, some yarns come in sets of 2 or 3 yarms, such as the TYH Supplies 20-Pack 22 Yard Acrylic Yarn which comes with 20 yarn skeins, the 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn DK which comes in a set of 3 skeins and the Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic Yarn Bonbons that comes in a set of 8 yarn skeins. 

7. Purpose of Yarn 

The type of yarn you end up choosing also depends on your purpose or on your project. You need different types of yarns for different projects; i.e. the yarn type for scarves would be different than the yarn needed to make socks or mittens. 

For example, you’ll need lace or fingering yarn for socks, lace or doilies. These yarns are extremely thin and soft. For making baby clothes and accessories, you’ll need to use sport yarns, which are also thin and soft. Worsted yarns are thick and bulky, more suitable for blankets and oversized sweaters; on the other hand, roving yarns are used for felting and can only be used with very large needles. 

8. Type of Patterns  

Every yarn has a particular gauge or tension, which refers to the number of stitches you can make per inch area with that yarn. The pattern you are choosing for your project, i.e. scarf, hat or sweater, will tell you the required number of stitches per inch.

You need to choose a yarn that will give you that specific number of gauge; otherwise, your pattern will come out to be completely different from your intended design. 

9. Number of Ply 

The thicker yarns have more ply than the thinner ones. The more ply your yarn has, the more bulky and large the end product is going to be, and the more warmth it is going to give you in cold weather. The number of ply a particular yarn skein has can be found in the description of the product, so you can judge for yourself how warm or bulky your finished clothing or accessory is going to be. 

For example, the yarns from Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic Yarn Bonbons are 4-ply yarns and the Lion Brand 3 Pack Woolspun Acrylic and Wool Yarn which is relatively bulkier, is a 12-ply yarn. 

Besides these special criteria that your yarn needs to fulfil, there’s always the standard options for color, price and size. You need to choose a yarn that falls under your budget and is the right color for your project; at the same time, the yarn you need should also fulfil the specific criterion mentioned above. 

Common Questions About Yarn 

If you are new to this hobby, there might be a lot of questions you have about this craft, especially about the different kinds of yarns you can use in knitting, weaving or crocheting. Here are a few of the questions that might crop up in your mind, and the answers to them. 

What is cotton yarn?


Cotton is the most common fiber when it comes to sewing; cotton fibre  is also used to make yarn that you can use for knitting, weaving and crocheting. Cotton yarn is used in making clothes and accessories that is supposed to be lightweight, breathable and comfortable. You can use both knitting needles or crochet hooks to knit with cotton yarn. 

Cotton yarn is used in clothes and accessories that you want to wear in summer and autumn. They are machine washable and absorbs water, and the fabric made from cotton yarn is usually relaxed and detailed. 

What is Acrylic yarn?


Unlike cotton yarn, Acrylic yarn is a 100% man-made product, made from polymers produced by crude oil. This is not a natural fiber for a yarn, but Acrylic yarns are usually more vibrant and colorful than cotton, wool, cashmere or silk yarns. These yarns can also be dyed at home in a microwave oven using food coloring; acrylic yarns are the cheapest option for yarns, easy to clean, durable and lightweight. 

What is Chunky yarn?


Chunky yarn is the same as bulky yarn; the kind of yarn that are heavy and falls under Category #5 and Category #6, are known as Chunky yarn in the UK and Bulky yarn in the USA. These yarns are usually 12-ply and you can get 12 to 16 stitches per 10 cm with these yarn. Both bulky and the chunky yarns are very thick and you need 5.5mm to 8mm needles to use these yarns. 

What is loop yarn?


Loop yarns are also known as curled yarn, and they are usually extremely heavy and coarse. They consist of at least 3 plies each; mohair yarn is a kind of loop yarn that you can use to knit with your fingers, without needing needles or hooks. 

What is yarn over?


Yarn Over, or YO for short, is a special process in knitting where the user creates a deliberate hole in the stitches. This is an important in knitting lace, making buttonholes, novelty stitches and decorations. 

What is yarn bombing?


You might have heard the term “yarn bombing or yarnbombing, but it has nothing to do with making clothes, winter wear or accessories. On the other hand, yarn bombing means using yarn to create a kind of street art or graffiti, by tying colorful yarns or knitting yarns together to inanimate street objects to create a design. Yarn bombing is also known as urban knitting, kniffiti, graffiti knitting, guerilla knitting or yarn storming in other communities. 

Mostly, this is done to express a political view, advertise certain service products or service, make a comment on socio-political situation, with a view of vandalism, or simply as a form of art. Yarn bombing first started by feminist activists in 2005. 

What is crochet yarn?


Yarns are mostly used for knitting or weaving, but you can also use specific yarns for crocheting with crochet hooks. Of all kinds of yarns you can find in the market, there are a few that are perfect for crocheting. Wool, cotton, crochet thread and acrylic are the yarns that could be used for crocheting and are specifically known as crochet yarns.   


When you are new to this hobby, all yarns can seem the same to you, but in truth, there are a number of differences between all the different yarns that you can find in the market.

All yarns are different in terms of their texture, weight, fiber count and material. Only by knowing all your options, can you choose the absolutely perfect one for your projects. 

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