Best Transfer Paper Reviews: By Industry Experts (2021 Update)

Do you know that the power to take your t-shirt design business to the next level lies within your reach?

I can boldly tell you that it just requires one simple thing to do and before long, your skills and efficiency will spread locally and internationally.

Just imagine how many clients you will have and what you will be making as returns on your investment.

Don't just pick any transfer paper but make sure that you utilize your heat press to the fullest by using the perfect transfer paper.

It is not easy to decide on which brand to get since there are many in the market.

Not to worry!

This transfer paper review will expose the things to consider before buying a transfer paper. Also, there are eight affordable, available and efficient transfer papers here for you.

1. Angel Crafts 12" by 8' Clear Transfer Paper Tape Roll

Angel Crafts Transfer Paper Tape: Craft Transfer Tape for Vinyl Application with Grid Lines - Self Adhesive Transfer Paper Roll Compatible with Cricut, Silhouette Cameo - 12 Inch by 8 Feet, Clear
  • CRAFTING MADE EASY: Transfer your designs like a pro when you use Angel Crafts vinyl transfer tape
  • MULTI MEDIA: Create and apply designs to decals, signs, walls, windows, or any other flat surfaces
  • QUICK RELEASE PAPER: Decal transfer tape won't rip or tear projects when it's time to peel it off
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Rolls are medium tack with a rubber based glue adhesive that won't leave a residue
  • PERFECT APPLICATION: Utilizes a printed grid design to ensure a perfect alignment every single time

If you have been searching for the appropriate transfer paper tape that you can use to position your sticky vinyl on any surface, it is the Angel Crafts 12" by 8' Clear Transfer Paper Tape.

The quality of this product is 100%, and you will get an 8 ft. long transfer paper tape just in one roll that you purchased. Immediately you lose the plastic covering of this transfer paper, you will see the instructions on how to use it.

These guidelines will help you to learn how to quickly cut your designs or the letters you want to transfer on any Vinyl Cutter. This addition makes it the best transfer paper tape for beginners to use.

This Angel crafts transfer paper tape is of good quality and can work well with every brand of machine. It unwinds very fast, and you can even use it efficiently for multi-purpose applications.

The price for this product is amazingly affordable with a money back warranty. It weighs 10.6 ounces with the dimensions of 12 x 2 x 2 inches respectively.

To be precise, this particular transfer paper tape is the best that can bring out the beauty of your design.

Highlighted Features:

  • This design is fast and produces a smooth release without any sticky residue.
  • The adhesive of this transfer paper tape has a rubber base, and it is of the best quality.
  • The core is more significant to ensure less memory and easy transferring.
  • There is an additional free instruction to teach you how to apply the adhesive Vinyl.
  • The paper for this transfer paper tape is bright with blue grid lines to ensure perfect alignment.
  • This design does not give room for air bubbles•It is cheap and comes with a sum of money back guarantee.

2. Cricut 2002363 Vinyl Transfer Tape

Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape, 1FTx4FT, White, 4 Feet
  • 1 12" x 48" roll of transfer tape
  • Cut a piece of transfer tape the same size as your cut image
  • Apply pressure over image using a scraper or credit card
  • Press vinyl image onto a clean surface, working from center outward, smoothing out and applying pressure as you go. Cut with all Circuit machines
  • The light printed grid will assist in aligning your project precisely

The Cricut 2002363 is very sticky and light which ensures a successful outcome of your transfers.

This paper is the best one to use if you want to transfer your vinyl cuts to different kind of surfaces of a cinch. You can see clearly when you place the appropriately spaced and the organized vinyl cuts due to the transparent nature of the material.

The Cricut Transfer Tape's lightly printed grid is there to help you during the alignment of your project. It will also make sure that alignment is accurate.

With this transfer tape, you can quickly design your belongings and home to suit your taste and style. This specific brand of transfer paper will satisfy your expectation of it. You can even use the transfer tape again and again due to its super stickiness.

The Cricut transfer paper is affordable to acquire and the perfect one for beginners to use. This is because the design is simple and can be handled easily by anybody even beginners. You can also use this transfer tape to run successful vinyl decals own your car without any residual stickiness on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cricut transfer tape weighs 4 ounces with the dimensions of 1.7 x 12 x 1.7 inches respectively.
  • The design will enable you to use a credit card or a scraper to mount pressure on the image.
  • It has the perfect cut that is the trademark of all Cricut machines.
  • You will get a 12 inch by 48 inches roll of the transfer tape.
  • The material of the transfer paper is clear to ensure clear visage during operation.

3. Best Crafts 12" x 10' Feet Roll Transfer Paper

Jh-Best Crafts12" X 10' Feet Roll Transfer Paper w/Grid- Perfect Alignment of Cameo or Cricut Self Adhesive Vinyl for Decals, Signs, Walls, Windows and Other Smooth Surfaces
  • GREAT SAVINGS: Get excellent savings from our transfer tape with an added 4 more bonus feet than the popular brand with 12" x 10 Feet long roll at a great price, it goes a long way to complete your project and much more
  • VERSATILE: Our Best Crafts transfer paper tape was designed to work with a wide variety of Adhesive vinyl (both Indoor and Outdoor) It can work with Cameo, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Cricut Vinyl, Pazzles, oracal transfer tape and much more. Easy transfer to smooth surfaces like sign stickers, windows, walls, ceramics, glass, etc
  • EASY TO USE: Our BestCrafts transfer tapes comes with RED-GRID square backing for your perfect alignment during your project making it much EASIER AND TIME SAVING when transfering your project
  • 100% GUARANTEED: We encourage you to start using our transfer tape for your projects for best result guaranteed or your money back.

The material for this brand of transfer paper is superior, and it is manufactured in the USA to ensure the best transfer output. Best Crafts transfer paper tape is the best for massive production.

This is all thanks to its versatility. Any indoor or outdoor project that needs a transfer, the Best Crafts transfer paper tape can do it.

Also, this particular product can work well Pazzles, Cameo, Cricut Vinyl, Provo Craft, Silhouette and Oracle tapes respectively. The length is 10 feet long which is four feet longer than all the regular brands.

You can quickly secure this transfer paper tape for a reasonable amount and still have the assurance of excellent performance.

Any smooth surface transfer like glass, sign stickers, ceramics, windows or walls, this transfer paper tape can do it successfully. There is even a 100% money back guarantee for this product to assure you of its high-quality performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is a lightweight of 3.2 ounces with the dimensions of 12 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches.
  • The length is 4 feet longer than the regular transfer paper tapes available.
  • The design is versatile so that you can use it on any project be it indoors or outdoors.
  • It comes with Red-Grid squared backing to provide the best alignment and easy usage.
  • There is also a 100% money back guarantee for your assurance.

4. Transfer Paper Tape Roll 12" x 25 FT

Craftopia transfer paper tape roll 12 inch x 25 feet clear with blue alignment grid, 8 bonus feet perfect for cricut cameo self adhesive vinyl for signs stickers decals walls doors windows
  • 25 FEET LONG ROLL: That's 8 more BONUS feet than other application Transfer Tape brands
  • SIGN AND CRAFT MAKER'S TRANSFER PAPER CHOICE - We are sign makers ourselves and we you will love our transfer tape OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
  • WILL WORK WITH ALL INDOOR/OUTDOOR ADHESIVE VINYLS including Craftopia sparkles glitters holographic vinyl, Provo Craft Circuit vinyl, Silhouette Cameo or Portrait vinyl, Puzzles, and much more! ! !

This transfer paper tape is useful for any material, and you can recycle the pieces many times as possible. You can successfully use it to transfer on walls, glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, and windows.

It is a must-have if you are transferring layers or light colors and you cannot see clearly. This is due to the blue grid squared backing that ensures proper alignment and measurement of 12-inch x 25 feet roll.

The transfer paper tape roll lasts long, sticks fine, have adequate alignment and simple so that even beginners can use it successfully. The release paper has the suitable stick for any kind vinyl decal even the glitter vinyl that is tough.

Although you can use this particular transfer paper tape for massive productions, it is best suited to light productions. Purchasing this specific transfer paper tape is a sure way to save money and time since it comes with an additional 6 feet more than the famous brand.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a 25-foot long roll with a free 6 feet to improve your project completion time and money saving.
  • It is the best choice for your sign and craft transfers.
  • The design makes it easy to use with a quick result.
  • Proper positioning and natural alignment due to the transparent square back grid patterns.
  • This transfer paper tape works well for both indoors and outdoors vinyl adhesive projects.

5. 12" x 10' Feet Roll of Transfer Paper Tape with Grid for Perfect Alignment

Transfer Paper for Vinyl 12" x 10 Feet Roll Grid Tape for Perfect Alignment of Cricut Silhouette Adhesive Vinyl for Your Best Crafts Signs Decals Windows by Qbc Craft
  • GREAT SAVINGS it goes a long way to complete your project and much more
  • VERSATILITY designed for use on Ultra, Glitter, Metallic, Cricut, Silhouette and Oracal Vinyls
  • CRAFTERS CHOICE EASY TO USE with RED GRID making it EASIER SAVING time transferring your project
  • 100% GUARANTEED Start using our transfer tape on your best craft projects results or your money back
  • The Hassle and Headache Free Way to go when transferring your artwork to your final surface.

This transfer paper tape that can take all your projects to the next level. It is manufactured in the USA with the best quality materials to ensure the best transfer output.

The 12" x 10' Feet Roll of Transfer Paper Tape with Grid design is compatible with all well-known brands such as Oracle, Silhouette Vinyl, Cricut Vinyl, and Brother Vynil, etc.

 This brand works well, fun to work with and also promotes convenience. You can use it to create your uniform crafts successfully since the design makes room for easy positioning and alignment.

It comes with many different sizes and weighs 8.8 ounces with the dimensions of 12 x 2 x 2 inches respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • This transfer paper tape roll has a specific design of versatility to enable its usage on metallic, Ultra, Glitter, Cricut, Oracle Vynils, and Silhouette respectively.
  • It has a long roll which ensures a successful project completion and time-saving.
  • The red grid patterns in the design make it easy to use and designer choice as it helps to cut the transfer time short.
  • It has a 100% guarantee
  • The design is simple, headache and hassle-free.
  • The sizes come in many different sizes for your convenience. 

​6. Frisco Craft Transfer Tape Roll 12" x 50 Feet

Frisco Craft C-370 Transfer Tape for Vinyl 12" x 50 Feet Clear Lay Flat | Application Tape Perfect for Self Adhesive Vinyl for Signs Stickers Decals Walls Doors Windows
  • Frisco Craft 12 x 50 feet transfer tape is an ideal product that can handle your project most effectively with the superior quality materials. Our specialized adhesive system will make sure you have done your job in the most effective way without leaving any residue on your project!
  • Why wait for Lightning Deals when our Price is LOWER than any Lightning deals
  • NO Residue Guaranteed!!!!
  • Exceptional clarity for easy registration of multiple colors or layers and precise registration
  • Best Seller in Europe for many adhesive vinyl Distributors.

The manufacturing of this particular transfer paper roll is with high-quality materials to enable it to handle any transfer task efficiently and effectively. The roll is up to 50 foot long at an affordable price also.

It has an additional 20 feet length more than the other well-known brands out there. This also means that you can successfully use this transfer paper for heavy duty production and still save time and money.

Frisco Craft Transfer Tape Roll 12" x 50 Feet is versatile in its operations and can transfer both outdoors and indoors project efficiently.

Even though it did not come with a release backing or liner, you can still use it to transfer on Provo Craft, Cameo, Cricut Vinyl, Pazzles, Silhouette, Oracle and so many others.

You can use this transfer paper tape to comfortably carry out your transfer projects on any smooth surface such as; glass, sign stickers, ceramics, windows, and walls respectively.

Even, there is a 100% assurance for this product, and money back guarantee provision.

Highlighted Features:

  • The design has a specific clarity which makes it easy when you want to register multiple colors, precise registration or multiple layers.
  • It is a bestseller from Oracle distributors and transfers efficiently without living any residues.
  • There are free bonuses included such as Vinyl and three different samples of transfer paper.
  • The Frisco Craft is 12 .7 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches in dimensions with the weight of 2.35 pounds.
  • The quality is that of superior material with the best adhesive system. 

​7. TransferRite 12" by 30' Transfer Paper Tape

Greenstar TransferRite 12" x 30ft Clear Transfer Paper Tape w/Grid, Application Tape
  • 12 ins x 30 ft Clear w/Grid Application/Transfer Tape
  • Pre-printed Grid Makes Getting Perfect Alignment Easy
  • Self-Adhesive and Medium Tack
  • Aligment for Accurately Registering Layering Projects, Small Lettering, and Include 1 Free 1 Squeegee Applicator Tool Windows Tint Graphics 4"

The transfeRite application transfer tape is ultra-clear and well-known for its superior quality application and premask tapes. The design is simple to ensure comfort, convenience, energy and time management.

Its transfer of a project is reliable due to the 1" preprinted grid design, the ultra-clear, and medium tack design.

The Transferring ultra-clear transfer paper tape has a specific design that is helpful to beginners. This is because you can use it to register a project of; layering, small letterings and measuring tools when you are transferring auto wraps on vehicles.

The finishing of this transfer paper tape has all the professional markings with the grid lines that makes positioning and alignment so much easier. It is durable and weighs 8 ounces with the dimensions of 12.1 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 1310G design ensures time-saving, removes frustration and provides energy.
  • The ultra-clear grid pattern ensures proper alignment, positioning and perfect registration on multiple layering and small lettering projects.
  • It weighs only eight ounces and 12" x 30 feet in length.
  • It comes with its own Adhesive and Medium tack.
  • The design of pre-printed grid patterns ensures easy positioning and alignment.
  • The dimensions are 12.1 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches•The quality is superior which ensures its durability.
  • Without the backing, it sticks perfectly and can be removed easily without leaving any residue.
  • It is convenient to use and has a professional finishing.

Things To consider Before Buying The Best Transfer Paper

You can't just enter your local store and pick a transfer paper without knowing the important things to check. They all bear the same name, but they don't work the same.

Yes! There are good brands, average brands and there are the best brands of transfer paper. So, how will you differentiate them? By considering some factors that are relevant to your decision making on any brand.

To get started with your quest for the best transfer paper for t-shirts, consider the following factors:

  • Choice of printer

Before you chose any transfer paper, don't forget to take cognizance of the printer you want to use. Three of the common printers that work in the printing business is:

The transfer paper you will choose must be compatible with either of the printer you decide to buy. Although laser and sublimation printers can work for printing your designs, the best is usually the inkjet printer.

These printers are affordable and compatible with many heat transfer papers.

The bottom line is, decide on which printer to get and then choose a transfer paper that will match it to avoid disappointment.  

  • Paper Length

Still, on what to look out for in a transfer paper, you must check the length of the transfer paper. If you get a long paper, you can get a longer transfer paper; it will be better for you because there will be enough space for you to create awesome designs.

Also, a longer transfer paper will help you to handle larger designs instead of compacting everything on short transfer papers. So, if you want to achieve larger and bolder designs for wide clothes, get a longer transfer paper. In fact, the longer the paper is, the better and suitable for you. 

  • Simplicity of transfer

Do you want to handle multiple projects in the shortest time possible? Get a transfer paper that will not give you issues. The difficulty in using a transfer paper comes when you want to position and align the vinyl design on it.

If you have a good brand of transfer paper, this process will be very simple, but if you don't, then you are in for a hard time.

To ensure ease of use, check out the paper that has grid patterns and how fast it takes to tear the transfer paper. These features will help you to work easily and faster. In need of a vinyl cutting machine? Read our buying guide.

  • Durability

We all know that the best way to achieve durable designs is by using a heat transfer vinyl, however, if you get the proper transfer paper for heat press, you can achieve long-lasting designs as well.

Also, if you can use the best printer especially the inkjet printer and then get a transfer paper brand that is popular for durability, you can achieve designs that will not crack, peel or fade easily no matter how many time you wash it.

If you want to get a transfer paper that can offer durability, check out the following things about it:

  • Cracking resistance
  • Elasticity
  • Color vibrancy
  • Resistance capacity to washing and fading
  • Hand feels.

Any brand that has all these qualities is your best shot at durability.

  • Material color/Opacity

Ah! Don't forget to consider the color of the material you are transferring designs onto. When you know the color of your fabric, you can decide on the transfer paper that will suit the color.

If you have a white or light gray material, get a transfer paper that is for light color materials. If you have a dark fabric, get an opaque transfer paper.

Also, if you want to achieve a good-looking image on your paper just like what your screen is showing you, make sure that the brand of transfer paper you will get is one that features full opacity. Don't let your artistry go to waste just because you printed it on the wrong transfer paper.

  • Transfer method

Are you going to use an iron to transfer or will it be a heat press machine? When you decide, you will know the quality of the transfer paper you will get.

If it is an iron transfer, you must be careful not to burn the paper. If you are also using a heat press machine, there is still a lot of pressure to ensure that the designs pass very well to the t-shirt.

Now, if you don't get a transfer paper that can withstand the pressure from either an iron or a heat press machine, what will be the fate of those beautiful designs of yours?

  • Versatility

It is good to get a brand of transfer paper that is versatile so that it can work with many vinyl types to ensure your convenience, freedom and a wide range of varieties to choose. Also, any versatile brand will work for both wet and dry applications. Related reading for choosing the perfect quilting machine.

I am glad that you now know what to consider before settling for any brand of transfer paper. As you go through these eight products, carefully check the one that has all the qualities you deserve and pick it up.

To further aid your search for the best transfer paper, we present eight of the best brands in the market for your perusal.

Final verdict

I hope you enjoyed checking these unique brands of transfer papers. They are affordable, durable, versatile and easy to use right? The truth is that your work can be faster and easier if you pick any of the eight transfer papers above.

Hey! I am not just saying this to impress you because, if you follow our guide on the factors to consider, you can get a suitable brand for your business.

You don't have to struggle anytime you set to work on your designs because the transfer paper you are using is simply off. With the best transfer paper for heat press, your heat transfer session will always be a breeze.

I mean, you can handle multiple projects in the shortest time and make good returns.

Achieve the best results today by getting a high-quality transfer paper for your sign business. Who knows! In a short while, you will become one of the figures to respect in the industry.

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This is Alex, I have been in tshirt business for the last eight years. This is my blog where I share my work and guidelines for fellows. Keep reading resources from here and I am open to any question.

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