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6 Best Sewing Scissors You Will Love Buying in 2022

Scissors are designed to do various kinds of cutting. If you need to shorten your trousers, design your garment or sew a seam, you will need the best sewing scissors to make a good cut on the fabric. These sewing scissors are sharp and designed to cut through multiple layers of fabric like denim, wool, or silk garments easily.

Sewing scissors, with thread and sewing machine, are the most essential for any dressmaker or sewing. These are what a hammer represents to a carpenter or a knife for a chef. If you want brand new scissors to cut your fabric, many of them are out there in the market.

What is Sewing Scissors?

Sewing scissors are scissors with a unique shape that make them easier to cut fabrics. The unique feature of sewing shears is that they can use them on a flat surface. When cutting, only the upper half of the scissors go up, while the underside can be guided evenly over the ground.

Due to the exceptional guidance, the fabric scissors must have a unique shape, especially when it comes to the handle. This shape and handling are some of the factors that bring out the best from any fabric.

Quick Overview on Best Scissors For Sewing in 2022

6 Best Sewing Scissors Reviews

1. Kai 7300 12 Inch Professional Scissors

Kai Scissors 7300 12in Shears, Stainless Steel

Japanese Kai pair of scissors comes with top quality design and are made of high-quality, high carbon steel or stainless steel. These lightweight precision cutting tools are specially designed to cut all multiple layers of fabrics with pleasure. The soft handle grip is also suited for left handed and is one of kai scissors’ essential advantages. Soft handle scissors make comfortable hold on the scissors. The kai 7300 12″ professional scissors will cut several layers of fabrics without the layers shifting – thanks to the technology behind the scissors’ teeth.


  • High-quality steel material
  • durable
  • cuts all fabrics


  • Lack storage case.

2. Gingher Scissors 8 Inch Left Handed Dressmaker Shears

Gingher 8 Inch Left Hand Dressmaker Shears

These dressmaking shears not only cut through your fabrics but also glide through any layer. They are designed to make cutting a pleasant task. These days, that left handed sewing scissor is almost impossible to find. Gingher left handed dressmaker shear is a welcome relief. This stainless steel shear is not too heavy, and it comes with smooth finishing. Just the ideal dressmakers shear to handle all kinds of fabrics.


  • Nicely weighted
  • Protected cover
  • made from double plated chrome-nickel


  • Left handed

3. Fiskars-8 Inch Softgrip sewing Scissors

Fiskars 175800-1002 Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors, 8 Inch, Black

Fiskars are solid sewing blades to make your dream design come live. The soft grip scissors make straight cuts and are designed to make your cutting very comfortable.

This Fiskar 8 inch softgrip can cut paper DIY projects or cut fabrics. These multi-functional sewing scissors work to make life so simple for dressmakers.

They are not heavy duty, and the materials that the handles are made from offers a good grip on the hand without slippage.

You will cut without lifting the fabric. Made with a handle that naturally adjusts to the hand’s movement, these sewing shears are light and ultra-sharp blades, very precise for cutting materials.


  • Sharp blades
  • Great for fabrics, papers, and multi-layer materials


The shape is a bit awkward.

4. Zig Zag Edge Sewing Scissors

Zig Zag Sewing Scissors, Fabric Decorative Triangle Edge Pinking Shears Length 23cm 4mm

You will create different styles with the zig zag sewing knife. If you already have the basic sewing scissors in your kit, but you want to add more accessories to create more pieces and make various cuts, you can achieve it with these straight-handled scissors since they are made to create a zigzag cut.

This softgrip dressmaking shear is made to offer easy control cutting. Ideal for adults and kids who needs to cut corners in cloth and designs. Just the perfect softgrip handle for professional and domestic use.


  • Very sharp
  • Ideal for sewer or crafter
  • Great for its price


  • A bit tough to move on materials for beginners

5. 3 Claveles 9″ Carbon Steel sewing scissors

3 Claveles 9' Tailor Scissors, Nickel, Carbon Steel, Black, 23 cm (9')

The 3 Claveless 9-inch carbon Steel sewing scissors are ideal for all types of fabrics. Suitable for various textile-type raw materials, these softgrip Carbon Steel knives are designed for professional sewing. They are ideal for quilting, cotton, leather, linen, denim, and silk.


  • Sharp blades
  • Softgrip handle
  • Inexpensive
  • Offers more control over fabrics


  • For right handed use

6. Fiskars Titanium Softgrip Scissors

Fiskars 8 Inch Non-stick Titanium Softgrip Scissors

These are fine heavy duty sewing scissors, and they are designed for extended cuts. They are crafted with long steel blades for extensive cuts. These sewing knives will provide you with a more precise cut of fabrics. It has an ergonomic handle and very sharp knife edge that will allow you to cut anything.

The high-quality Swedish stainless steel sewing scissor is unique in that it offers a way to tighten or loosen the tension between the blades using a unique design screw.


  • Sharp blades
  • Adjustable tension


  • Screw can get too loose often

What to Look For When Buying Sewing Scissors

Ergonomic shape

A significant factor in fabric scissors is their ergonomic shape. This primarily includes the large handles so that they can hold the scissors well.

Compared to regular scissors, more force is often required when cutting fabric. Therefore, there must be more finger space in the scissors so that they can exert enough pressure.

The shape of the handles must also be designed accordingly so that the force can be optimally used or distributed. The body of the scissors themselves is typical of the type of use. The bottom is relatively flat, while the top is raised at the handle. This means that the scissors can only be put on one way when cutting fabric.

Tip: There are suitable sewing scissors for both right-handed and left-handed people. This means that left-handed people can easily use scissors.

Stainless Steel material

With fabric scissors, the material is also relevant. While it should go without saying, not all scissors were made from stainless material. Although the scissors themselves are usually not exposed to moisture, the humidity alone is sufficient for corrosion to form on the blade.

In the worst-case scenario, can no longer move rusty scissors properly. Also, rust on the cutting edge can cause the fabric to become soiled. Besides, sewing scissors that are not made from stainless steel are often less robust and wear out more.


sewing scissors should be at least 21 cm long. However, the scissors must not be too long either because this makes the cut increasingly coarser.

Tip: The ideal length is between 21 cm and 24 cm.

There are also sewing scissors models with lengths of around 26 cm but are not suitable for fine cuts. The reason for this is that although the sewing shears must have a specific actual size for easy and quick work, the longer the blade gets, but the cutting accuracy becomes more and more difficult.

Sewing scissors with a long blade are therefore only suitable for rough cuts. For fine cutting, you should then switch to shorter scissors.

Cutting thickness

With some models, they can change the cutting thickness with a small screw. While this is not always necessary, it helps thicker fabrics if they can change the consistency. The disadvantage of scissors with adjustable cutting thickness is that, despite the tightened screw, they wear out over time and can no longer be fixed.

Therefore, if you have essentially the same fabric thickness, you can do without adjustable models.


When choosing fabric scissors, it is also worth taking a look at the care measures. Scissors for cutting fabric cannot be oiled as this will contaminate the fabric. Therefore, models made of rustproof material are advantageous because they do not become stiff due to corrosion.

However, frequent use means that the screw connection of the blades of the sewing scissors can loosen. Many models, therefore, do not have a screw connection at all. The edges are riveted together. But even a loose screw is not a problem because it can usually tighten again quickly.

Important: A critical issue when caring for fabric scissors is the cut. Models made of hard steel have the advantage that there is generally minor wear and tear, which means that grinding is less frequent.

Grinding also means that the blade becomes less and less and at some point so thin that it can no longer sharpen it. Therefore, a thicker blade made of hard steel is much more durable for cutting multiple layers of fabric.

Different blade grinds

In addition to the classic straight cut, sewing scissors are also available with a wavy or serrated cut. This has the advantage that the fabric edges already have a nice finish with a wavy or jagged edge. This is especially important if, for example, the back of the sewing should look visually appealing.

The disadvantage of sewing scissors with a unique cut is that a blunt blade can usually no longer be sharpened. Blades are occasionally available as replacements, but only from very few manufacturers. Although sewing scissors’ prices are not very high, those who work with them regularly will have to buy more for scissors with an exceptional cut.

Select sewing scissors

This primarily includes the frequency of use. If you use sewing scissors frequently, you should pay particular attention to an ergonomic handle. If you work a lot with scissors, a poorly designed handle can cause the hand to tire more quickly, and the cut also becomes uneven or uneven.

Occasionally, models with a rubberized handle are also offered. Many users see this as both an advantage and a disadvantage. With very long cuts, the rubber coating is an advantage, as it provides a better hold. This makes it easier to manage.

A rubberized handle is felt to be a disadvantage if the scissors have to be changed frequently. Due to the rubber coating, you cannot put down the best scissors quickly because they hold better on the fingers.

However, if you rarely use a pair of scissors, you will find what you are looking for at the cheap bargains. Occasionally, longevity has to be compromised here, such as more frequent sharpening.

What Are the Best Dressmaking Scissors to Buy?

When you get scissors to give life to all the designs you have in mind, you should not only make sure that their price is affordable, you must also see that they are made with quality materials, this will become an investment that will last you many years.

The scissors must be ergonomic i.e. comfortable to hold; they must also be sharp to make precise cuts so that you can hold them comfortably and, after using them for several hours, do not get tired or cause blisters on your fingers.

In this dressmaking shears guide of 2021, you will find out which fabric shears the best sewing scissors are made of, which handles are best suited for longer work, and how to sharpen the sewing steel blades.

Here are the best sewing scissors:

Milwards Sewing Scissors

They are designed to give you the most incredible precision when cutting. Its stainless still blades can give life to all the designs you want and sharp to cut your design pattern in seconds. Even when used on thick fabrics like jeans, its comfortable handle will adapt perfectly to your hands.

Milward sewing scissors are made to offer good resistance and a better grip of the cut. They are very comfortable to use and extremely sharp. It’s the ideal sewing scissors and shears to cut with minimal pressure.

Handi Stitch HANDI – with Thread Cutter

These sewing shears come with a vintage style that gives you a clean and perfect cut due to their incredible design and are very comfortable to hold to provide you excellent results. Say goodbye to shoddy and cheap quality scissors, since even its price is less expensive than previous models, it is the best you will find to make your detailed fabric cutting designs.

Best Sewing Scissors: FAQs

1. Which scissors do you need for sewing?

At least good sewing scissors and paper scissors are ideal for patterns. Pinking shears and small stitch scissors or ironing scissors are also convenient. You use this to pinch off pieces of thread quickly.

2. What should I look out for when buying scissors?

Buy a pair of scissors that have been rated well and feel good in your hand. Try a few test pieces to see if it cuts your favorite fabrics well. Cutting is also a sensual pleasure and can feel good.

3. What do you cut with electric scissors?

Electric scissors are great for cutting delicate fabrics. Knitted fabrics, sweats, artificial leather, bag fabrics, tarpaulins, and milk cartons: the electric helpers get everything small. Indispensable for quick, clean cuts.


On a final note, it doesnt matter the pattern you need the sewing shears for, every home needs one. They have so many purposes that they are indipensable for people who needs to make a huby or a profession from sewing.

To find the best sewing scissors for your budget, you need to find the one with the highest qualities. The best ones among them will make life easy and cutting more fun.

So if you want a sewing scissors that will not let you down in your time of need, you need to choose the best sewing scissors to help you make the precise cut you have always wanted.

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