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12 Best Embroidery Needles: A Buying Guide 2022

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to embroidery needles. And, since you’re here, it’s safe to assume that you have loads of questions about such a simple tool. We’ll do the best to enlighten your path and show you some of the best embroidery needles the market has to offer.

Why Do You Need an Embroidery Needle?

Choosing the right embroidery needle can turn any tedious task into a delightful hobby. It also saves you from having to experiment with various products before settling on the best choice. So, having all the information on size, shaft dynamics, shape, and other factors save you a lot of time and money.

What makes the best embroidery needle? Well, its shaft needs to be slender enough to penetrate the fabric. At the same time, its eye ought to be wide enough to hold the thread. Luckily, the market has various sizes fit for any material.

Your choice can also come down to if you plan to use a machine or craft with your hands. Embroidery machines work for hours on end. This puts a lot of strain on the needle, and most last for hours before becoming too blunt. So, the best embroidery needles are durable and come at a fair price point.

Most people prefer crewel needles because you can use them for most types of needlework. But, you may also need a specialized needle for specific tasks such as beading.

Since there are many embroidery needles in the market, let’s narrow our focus to 12 of the best.

Overview of Top 12 Best Embroidery Needles in 2022

1. Dritz Home 44011 Specialty Hand Needles

Dritz Home 44011 Specialty Hand Needles, Assorted Styles & Sizes (5-Piece)
  • Number of needles: 5
  • Needle Size: Assorted
  • Needle type: Specialty

We kick off the list with a product that’s a must-have for every sewing kit. Sure, there are only five embroidery things in this set. But as they say, “great things come in small packages.” The Dritz home specialty needles give you the tools for any sewing or DIY project.

Each pack comes with double-pointed long straight and decorator’s hand needles. It even comes with a curved needle for some of your upholstery projects. So, don’t throw out that couch because it’s a bit raggedy and could use a few buttons when you could get the Dritz home specialty and embroidery needles.


  1. Medical grade steel
  2. Assorted specialty set of needles
  3. Premium quality at a bargain price


  1. Small set of needles
  2. Unsuitable for heavy usage

2. Pebble Colonial Embroidery Needle JJP13550

Colonial Needle JJP13550 Pebbles Embroidery Needles-Size 5/10 16/Pkg
  • Number of needles: 16
  • Sizes: 5 – 10
  • Needle type: Milliner

John James is a trusted brand name when it comes to sewing accessories. If you love embroidering, then you should consider adding the pebble set to your collection of embroidery needles. These 16 needle set comes in a stylish case, making them easy to pack and store.

You won’t worry about losing some of them. They are made of high-quality steel for durability. Each pack comes with a set of needles that range from size 5 through size 10. So, they are excellent for embroidery and any other needlework.


  1. stylish case
  2.  trusted brand
  3. easy to store and carry


  1. limited number of sizes
  2. unsuitable for cross-stitching

3. CLOVER No. 235 Gold Eye Embroidery Needles

Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needles Size 3-9 - 16 Pack
  • Number of needles: 16
  • Needle Size: 3 – 9
  • Needle type: Tapestry

This pack of embroidery needles is made from the finest steel right here in the USA. Each pack contains 3 size 8 and 9 needles. The rest consists of 2 needles for sizes 3 to 7. They have blunt points, so you don’t need to worry about pricking your fingers as you work. The eyes are large enough to hold thick floss and even multiple strands of thread.

You can use them for cross-stitching on a soft canvas or even plastics. A bonus feature is the curved points. These allow you to insert back stitches or hide the tail ends of your thread. The golden eye adds a touch of class to the product. You’ll enjoy adding these fantastic embroidery needles to your sewing kit.


  1. Robust construction
  2. Smooth (no-snag) metal finish
  3. Large eyes


  1. Small sizes
  2. unsuitable for heavy fabric

4. DMC 1765 Embroidery Hand Needles

DMC 1765-5/10 Embroidery Hand Needles, 15-Pack, Size 5/10
  • Number of needles: 16
  • Needle Size: 5 – 10
  • Needle type: chenille

DMC has continued to provide the best embroidery hand needles since 1765. Their prices are affordable, and their quality remains unmatched. Each gives you two needles of size 5 to 10 for a total of 16 premium quality embroidery needles.

These nickel-plated steel needles have long eyes that you can fit any floss or yarn. And the points are sharp enough to pierce even the toughest of fabrics. Some people find the eyes are on the small side, but DMC hand embroidery needles will give you all you need to get started.


  1. Sharp points
  2. Value pack pricing
  3. Robust nickel-plated construction


  1. Slim opening on the eye
  2. Challenging for users with visual impairments

5. Sewline Tulip Long Sashiko Assorted Embroidery Needles

Tulip Long Sashiko Needles Assorted Tube of 6
  • Number of needles: 6
  • Needle Size: 8
  • Needle type: Beading

Sashiko is the ancient Japanese art of decorative embroidery that incorporates beads. The tulip range of needles is ideal for most beading tasks. Sashiko embroidery needles are thinner than most conventional options. They

These days, You can also use these needles to reinforce embroidered patches on to clothing. They are also ideal for any other decorative tasks you may have. You can fit thin strands of thread and even light beading wire into the eye. And the best feature is the smooth finishing. There’s no better choice for working on silk and other sheer fabrics.


  1. Ideal for silk
  2. Great for beading
  3. Built to last


  1. Comes in 1 size
  2. Too thin for some

6. Outus Large-Eye Blunt Embroidery Needles

Outus Large-Eye Needles Steel Yarn Knitting Needles Sewing Needles Darning Needle, 9 Pieces (Pointed)
  • Number of needles: 9
  • Needle Size: 7 cm
  • Needle type: Tapestry

Outus embroidery needles come with blunt points and large eyes. This makes them the perfect too for working yarn and ribbons into clothing or fabric. They are 7cm long, so you can handle them well, even if you’re incredibly clumsy.

Aside from embroidery, they are useful in many knitting tasks. However, they are more suited to working with loose-knit fabrics such as burlap and wool. The clear plastic storage tube is a bonus. So, no worries about misplacing needles when you’re done with your knitting.


  1. Large
  2. Blunt point for safety
  3. Clear plastic storage tube


  1. Too big for some ribbons
  2. Stubborn tube lid

7. Boye Plastic Yarn Embroidery Needles

Boye Plastic Yarn Sewing Needle Set, 2pc
  • Number of needles: 2
  • Needle Size: 3 inches
  • Needle type: Tapestry

What makes embroidery and home crafting more enjoyable? Having your kids join in the fun makes it less stressful for some. With the Boye plastic yarn needles, you don’t have to worry about your little angles getting pricked into quitting their new hobby.

Each pack comes with two 3-inch needles made from sturdy plastic. Their eyes are large enough to hold ribbons and even slim pieces of twine. Boye embroidery needles are ideal for weaving subtle details on the ends of crocheting and knitting projects. They are the best bet for working plastic canvas and similar materials.


  1. Largest eyes on the list
  2. excellent for plastics
  3. Safe for use by ages 5 and up


  1. Only 2 needles in the set
  2. Plastic construction

8. Clover 339 Chidi Embroidery Needle With Darning

Clover Chibi darning Needles, 6.2' Height x 2.1' Length x 0.8' Width, Blue/White
  • Number of needles: 3
  • Needle Size: 13, 17 & 20
  • Needle type: Darning

Clover 339 Chidi embroidery needles come with all the perks of a quality darning needle. They have a thick shaft with extra-long eyes to hold even the thickest of thread. Such robust construction and the large size option make them ideal for the toughest of embroidery, sewing, and knitting tasks.

They also feature blunt points making them ideal for rugged fabrics such as wool. It also makes them safer to use. The casing adds some subtlety to the package. Besides, you’ll enjoy the ease of slipping off the cap each time you take out a needle.


  1. Cute tube case
  2. Elongated eyes
  3. Thick shaft


  1. Too short for some
  2. Few size options

9. John James colonial silk ribbon embroidery needles

Colonial Needle JJ47010 Silk Ribbon Embroidery Needles, Assorted, 25-Pack
  • Number of needles: 25
  • Needle Size: 18, 13, 26 & 24
  • Needle type: chenille

Nothing adds efficiency and pleasure to your embroidery than having an arsenal of quality needles. This set of 25 silk embroidery needles hold the best of British craftsmanship and innovation. Each needle in this pack is sharp enough to pierce through silk without damaging the fabric.

They also work excellently for beading and those challenging tacking stitches. Most people swear by how you don’t even need to switch needles when performing various sewing tasks. You should consider getting this pack, especially if you’re getting started in your journey to pleasurable embroidery.


  1. Value pack
  2. High-quality English standard
  3. Ideal for most uses


  1. Less durable paper casing
  2. Lacks smaller sizes

10. Dritz 56D Doll Hand embroidery Needles

Dritz 56D Doll Hand Needles, Soft Sculpture, 3-Inch (6-Count)
  • Number of needles: 6
  • Needle Size: 7″
  • Needle type: doll

There comes a time when you need a needle for high precision projects. For instance, sculpting details onto a figurine or plush doll. Dritz 56D Doll Hand Embroidery Needles are a safe bet for such times. They are made to the highest of European standards, perfected by centuries of innovation to meet today’s standards.

These doll needles have long eyes, long shafts, and feature unbendable steel material. Such features make them ideal for creating soft sculptures, upholstery, and most embroidery jobs. You can even use them for tied quilts and working heavy beads into your design.


  1. Heavy duty construction
  2. Long shafts
  3. Ideal for soft sculpting


  1. Thin eyes
  2. Point gets blunt with extended use

11. Pony Betweens Gold Eye Embroidery Needles

Pony Size 12 Betweens Gold Eye Sewing Needles
  • Number of needles: 12
  • Needle Size: 1 to 12
  • Needle type: Chenille

The wrong needle can wreak havoc on your elaborate embroidery and applique projects. But you don’t have to worry about that with Pony Between Gold Eye Embroidery Needles. Each pack comes with 12 needles that are suitable for most tasks.

They feature shorter shafts, which may not be ideal for some users. However, such a length is vital to getting closer to your work for finer details. And, since they are short, you can breeze through an entire quilt with relative ease.


  1. Sharp point
  2. Made for passionate quilters in mind
  3. Durable


  1. Shorter shafts
  2. Single-needle for each size

12. Vitoki Heavy Duty Hand Sewing Needles

Vitoki Heavy Duty Hand Sewing Needles Kit for Home Upholstery Carpet Leather Canvas Repair by Vitoki, Pack of 7
  • Number of needles: 7
  • Needle Size: assorted
  • Needle type: specialty

Vitoki Heavy Duty Hand Sewing Needles have large and elongated features. They are also made of robust yet bendable metal. It would be virtually impossible to embroider fine works of art into leather without such needles.

Each pack comes with Carpet Sail curved and Glover’s needle. You can use them to embroider on leather, blankets, and even tough fabrics such as tarpaulin. Aside from embroidery, they have unlimited use around the home or anywhere.


  1. Ideal for leatherwork
  2. Bendable construction
  3. Includes curved needles


  1. Too sharp for some
  2. Needs thimbles and grips

Things to Consider When Buying Embroidery Needles

You can start by looking at the size of the embroidery needle. This is because the eye and scarf’s shape and size determine the type of embroidery work for a particular needle. Here are a few factors that can help you settle on the best embroidery needle.

Shaft Dynamics

A thinner shaft allows you to work on delicate fabrics and vice versa. Shafts also feature groves where you can fit the embroidery felt or fabric.


There are two sizing options for embroidery needles. These include;

American needle sizing has 8 as the smallest size and rises to size 20.

European needle sizing, on the other hand, ranges from size 60 to 130.

Such sizing options sound confusing but don’t worry because manufacturers always label both standards onto their products or packaging. For instance, you can spot 90/14 somewhere on the needle.

Here 90 indicates the European standard and 14 for the American size. Another rule most people use is, the smaller the needle, the smaller the hole it will make on a piece of fabric.

Needle Point

Embroidery needles can be differentiated with the following needle points;

Sharp needle points pierce effortlessly through tightly woven fabrics. They are also ideal for delicate needlework on materials such as paper.

Ballpoint needle points are ideal for spreading felt or yard onto a fabric’s back. These points prevent runs from developing when the felt or yarn breaks.

Slender needle points are ideal for most for embroidering on the back of most fabrics. This is because you won’t have to switch to other sewing needles as you work between processes.


Most sewing needles feature the finest steel wire in their construction. Such a material has a direct effect on the life service and performance of the needle. Here are two other options worth considering:

Chrome-plated needles are a popular and highly durable option. They can handle any task and can serve for up to 10 hours of machine stitching.

Titanium dipped needles offer for life services that chrome-plated options. You can use them for up to 25 hours of continuous machine stitching before they become dull.

Nickel-plated needles are another durable and rust-resistant option. Most sewing needles that feature nickel are bendable for added efficacy and nimbleness as you sew or embroider.


1. How do embroidery needles work?

All you need to do with sewing needles is pass the thread through the eye to get sewing. But, with embroidery needles, you may need a threader to guide load yarn or thread. Such material is looped around the loop of the punch needle.

Once you’re done with this step, you can pull the thread out, and you’re ready to start embroidering.

2. What size needle do I use for machine embroidery?

The type of fabric determines the type of needle you’ll use for machine embroidery. Size 90 will work for tough fabrics such as hemp or denim. Lighter fabrics such as polyester, satin, etc., need smaller sizes, maybe size 65 to 70. But, a ballpoint needle is the safest bet if you’re working with knit fabrics.

3. Are sewing and embroidery needles the same?

Embroidery needles, unlike sewing needles, feature larger eyes. This prevents the embroidery yarn from breaking as it’s less robust compared to regular thread. The other significant distinction is the scarf’s size (an indentation to the back of the needle).


There’s a subtle art to choosing the right sewing needle. Using a needle that’s too large may damage the treads on your fabric. A smaller one may do the trick in most cases. It also helps to look at the sharpness of the point and the length of the shaft. You’ll endure less frustration once you take account of such considerations.

It’s also wise to match the needle to the size of the thread. So, you could consider the size of the eye before opting to make a purchase. All this sounds complicated, but you shouldn’t worry, as most online retailers include a sizing chart on their website.

Sewing will take you on a journey of self-discovery and expression. We hope that this review will help you along such a path.

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