10 Best Embroidery Hoops: Reviews 2021 [A Complete Guide to Beautiful Stitch Work]

Few things are as useful when doing hand embroidery as the best embroidery hoops. They make it easy to get any project done in a breeze, with more precision, and more beauty.

The capacity to tense the fabric or cloth and provide the perfect embroidering base is just unmatched. And you can use it anywhere and anytime without problems.

When you lack an embroidery hoop, your designs end up being worse, or harder to do. So, having an embroidery hoop can change your whole experience.

Now that you’re somewhat aware of what they offer – let’s now go into the good stuff. Here you have 10 different reviews for embroidery hoops that are worth considering…

Why should you use an embroidery hoop?

Before going through the best embroidery hoops that are available in the market, it is crucial to look into the craft-maker for a better understanding. The embroidery design is essential for enhancing the beauty of any product. The best embroidery designs are produced with the help of the best hoops.

This is because an embroidery hoop adds quality to the sewing process and reduces the time taken in doing the work. Understanding the benefits provided by the embroidery hoops will help the buyer understand the rationale behind using embroidery hoops for their best cross-stitch work. Now, let us look into the reasons for using an embroidery hoop.

1. Perfect Sew

The best embroidery hoops serve the purpose of immaculate stitching by providing the required tension for making the cloth fabric tight as a drum. The cross stitch hoop will be able to maintain the required tension for a longer period without needing you to adjust the loosened fabric by turning the adjustment screw repeatedly. This will help you to have the perfect sew designs in less time.

Embroidery hoops also enhance the quality of the stitch by making the design compatible with the criteria of the hoop. This means that with the best embroidery hoops, you can print the design on the desired location of the cloth with reduced chances of error.

2. Cross Stitching

Embroidery hoops are the best tools that can be used for cross stitching purposes. This is because a cross-stitching project requires more sewing work in comparison to normal embroidery work. The embroidery hoop that is used for cross stitching can help with the weaving process by preserving the structure of the fabric weave.

The embroidery ring helps to keep the fabric taut, which leads to perfect stitches without wrinkling the cloth or puckering the fabric. Cross stitching without an embroidery hoop becomes much difficult. Moreover, using the hoop leads to a smoother piece of fabric.

3. Less Time and Cost

When you are using a hand embroidery hoop, the complete process of sewing will involve less time and cost. This means that the embroider hoop will help you with the exact location for stitching on the cloth. Moreover, the hoop also facilitates the measuring of the space that the design will take up in the fabric. This leads to better projects with lesser fabric costs and working time.

4. Less Hand Fatigue

One of the most unique advantages of using an embroidery hoop is that it leads to less hand fatigue for stitching by keeping the fabric in place. This is because the remarkable construction of an embroidery hoop that consists of an inner ring and an outer ring leads to better stabilization of the fabric without the use of the hands.

Types of Embroidery Hoops

Now, that we know about the benefits of using an embroidery hoop, let us look into the different types of hoops available in the market. Embroidery hoops are made of natural as well as artificial materials and can be used according to the convenience of the buyer. Let us look into the types so that the buyer understands and identifies the perfect embroidery hoop for his or her stitch work.

1. Wooden Embroidery Hoops

The wooden hoops are made up of the best quality wood of the smoothest texture so that the fabric remains in one place and does not slip continuously, which might lead to the ruining of the artwork.

The wooden hoops typically have a sturdy built with the outer ring supporting the inner ring with no gaps in between. These hoops come within an affordable price range and can render high-quality stitch work with an enhanced sewing experience.

2. Plastic Hoops

Plastic hoops are the most commonly found embroidery hoops that can be easily found in craft stores. Round hoops that are made of plastic make way for fine quality embroidery hoops as they consist of a lip on the inner ring. This lip facilitates a better grip of the fabric so that it does not slip repeatedly. These no-slip embroidery hoops are best for heavy use and come within an affordable price range.

3. Screw Tension

This is another popularly used embroidery hoop. The hoop has two rings as usual. The adjustable screw sits on the outer ring and helps in modulating the tension on the hoop by increasing or decreasing it. These embroidery hoops are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials.

4. Spring Tension

The round hoops do not use an adjustable screw to produce the tension. In the case of a spring tension hoop, the inner ring comes in a metal built that screws into the outer ring made up of plastic. These hoops are typically used to do embroidery on machines.

They can also be used for hand embroidery and cross-stitch purposes. These hoops can hold the fabric nice and tight. However, an issue with these hoops is that the handles are heavy and can be difficult to hold for long.

5. Flexi Hoops

Another innovative and unique design of embroidery hoops available in the market is the Flexi hoops. These hoops are made of plastic. However, the kind of plastic used is not as stiff as other ordinary plastic hoops. This means that the embroidery frame is made of more flexible plastic. To be precise, the unit has a flexible outer ring that stretches over the inner hoop.

These hoops come in a range of colors and some of them come in a texture imitating the wood grain. They have a better gripping ability. Moreover, when showcasing your embroidery work, the Flexi hoops add to the aesthetic value of the stitch work more in comparison to plastic or wooden hoop.

6. Q Snap Frames

These embroidery frames have been the latest design embroidery hoops. They have unique construction and come in several shapes like rectangles or squares. Moreover, the embroidery hoop comes in four pieces that lock the frame and holds the fabric in place.

This remarkable design results in better gripping of the cloth and does not require the user to adjust the fabric and tighten the screw intermittently. There is a range of sizes in which these hoops are available and can be purchased in accordance with the convenience of the user.

How to use an embroidery hoop?

Now that you have gone through the types of embroidery hoops, you will be able to arrive at the best choice of the embroidery ring without difficulty. However, for further assistance in using the embroidery hoop, you must know how to use these stitching tools so that you can make the most out of them. Let us look at the following steps to know about the usage of the product.

  • To begin with, the screw has to be loosened for separating the inner and the outer ring.
  • Put the inner ring on the surface and wrap the fabric over the inner hoop. Make sure that the correct side of the fabric is being draped.
  • Adjust the rings so that the fabric fits perfectly between them. You might as well loosen the screw further to make the fitting right.
  • Keep the embroidery hoop on a flat surface and press the outer hoop with your palms to adjust the rings.
  • Once you have adjusted the hoop rings, tighten the screw partially.
  • The screw should be tightened in such a way that the outer hoop does not slip when picked up.
  • Taut the fabric by pulling its edges. Make sure you even out the fabric by pulling it from all sides.
  • Be careful not to pull the fabric too much. This might damage its quality.
  • Now, tighten the screw fully.
  • You have your fabric ready to be designed with embroidery.

The users should understand that once the stitching for the day is done, it is better to take the fabric out of the hoop. This is because leaving the fabric in the hoop might lead to unwanted creases on fabric.

If you have got a large embroidery hoop that covers the entire design, then you might not worry about the fabric crease. However, it is always recommended to at least ease the tension slightly after you are done with stitching. For smaller hoop models, you must take the fabric off the embroidery hoop.

How to get the embroidery hoop with a proper degree of tension?

This is a crucial factor that determines the quality of the design being stitched into the fabric. Although it is a well-known fact that the fabric, when put on the hoop, should be as tight as a drum, there are certain tricks to achieve such an outcome.

You can get a good degree of tension by pulling the fabric well from all sides. It is recommended to tighten the cloth around the round hoop in a circle so that the flattening process is done evenly. Another process that can be followed is pulling the fabric on one side at first and then the other side so that it is not warped.

Once you have flattened the fabric satisfactorily, you should tighten the screw. It can be done with hands. However, if the process seems difficult with hands, then you might use a screwdriver to help you with it. Foam grips that sit on the top of a screw and help to tighten it can also be used.

Another famous method to achieve the desired degree of tension is by binding the hoop. This is done by draping the inner hoop with a cotton cloth or twill tape. The binding of the inner ring results in friction that holds the fabric in place and als0 reduces the chances of the fabric getting creased. It also reduces the chances of crushed stitches that might occur in the case of delicate fabrics like silk.

Our 10 Best Embroidery Hoops Reviews

For this list, we focused on the 10 most reliable & easy-to-use models available. Then we reviewed each one, highlighting their best features and explaining what they offer overall. Here’s what we found:

1. Similane 6-inch Bamboo Embroidery Hoops

Similane enters the embroidery game strong with the bamboo hoops. This 12-piece set, for example, offers one of the most reliable constructions you could expect, lasting several years of use without problems.

But the advantage comes from the 6-inches size. That’s enough to handle most jobs with ease and still offer tons of space to play with the embroidery freely. Even in the hardest of designs to make, these embroidery hoops will perform well enough.

This goes well with the stainless steel screws, ideal for securing the cloth on the hoop when needed. And with the lightweight design despite its large size, the hoops are a total piece of cake to use – even with the heaviest of fabrics.

You can do whatever you want with these hoops, from cross-stitching to handcrafting, standard sewing, and may even have the chance to use them with machines. Just pick the right nails and thread, and you’ll be ready to tackle almost any job.

In reality, these hoops are so easy to use and well-made that even kids can use them. If you’re teaching children how to get into embroidery – this set will work wonders.

It has nothing to complain about as a set for embroidery hoops – and it comes at an excellent cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality bamboo construction for durability & strength
  • Easy-to-use design with stainless steel securing screws
  • Ideal size for small & large cloths when needed
  • Even kids can use it without any problems
  • Works well with most types of embroidery

2. Caydo 3 Inch Wooden Round Embroidery Hoops

In case you’re looking for something extra small and enjoy tinier designs in your fabrics or clothes, then nothing will match the Caydo 3-inch hoops.

The first thing you’ll notice is the durable bamboo construction. It doesn’t produce any burr and feels as smooth as the highest-quality wood you can think of. This pairs up with its safe build, so you won’t have to worry about splinters or sharp edges.

Something that truly makes it stand out is the easy operation. You can enjoy the brass adjustment screws to tighten up the hoops when needed. This will help you make the perfect drum for your designs, so you can work with more precision.

Yet it is not a single hoop that you get – but 12 pieces in total. That’s enough to handle most jobs without complaints – even if it is holiday decorations or simple quilting.

As the last thing to mention, these hoops are good-looking and won’t damage your clothes in any way. Even at the tightest level and with the softest of fabrics, you can be sure it will handle the job well enough.

Whatever you want to get done with embroidery hoops, these will probably fare better than you expect.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small yet practical design for all kinds of embroidery
  • Superb bamboo build for durability
  • Brass adjustment screws for reliability
  • Good-looking hoops for enjoyable use
  • Comes with a total of 12 hoops

3. Susan Bates Hoop-La Embroidery Hoop

The Susan Bates Hoop-La Embroidery Hoop is one of the best embroidery hoops available in the market and the is the best-known product, to begin with, the craft. This means that this embroidery hoop is best for beginners as it comes in a diameter of 6 inches.

If you do not want a 6-inch diameter hoop, then you can always go through the different sizes that the product is available in. It comes with a gripping lip technology that provides the fabric the required stability and does not let it slip easily.

The embroidery hoop is made up of plastic and is extremely flexible and durable. The plastic used as a material makes the hoop lightweight and adds to the durability of the device. This means that you can hold the hoop for a longer period without hand fatigue. Moreover, the Susan Bates embroidery hoop can maintain a consistent degree of tension in the fabric without distorting it.

The hoop serves a range of stitching purposes like cross-stitching, hand embroidery, quilting, and other types of needle-crafts. Therefore, the embroidery hoop is the best buy within an affordable price range.

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredible durability and flexibility for intensive needlework.
  • The 6-inch size of the hoop makes it perfect for beginners.
  • Built of plastic that makes it lightweight.
  • Less hand fatigue.
  • Can be used for a wide array of embroidery purposes.
  • Comes in a range of colors.

4. Darice DIY Wooden Embroidery Hoops

If we had to pick the best single hoop on the whole list, we wouldn’t think twice before choosing the Darice DIY wooden model.

This is a well-made short and large embroidery hoop that can tackle both small & large designs with ease. You can pick any model going from 3 inches up to 14 inches in total diameter, for a total of 10 different options so you can go for the one that best fits your demands.

With a pine construction, the set stands out above its competition. That ensures proper quality for years and lacks splinters or breakage. Even if you’re a heavy embroiderer, you’ll love this build.

The bundle only boasts 3 hoops, which can be seen as too little. But considering the different sizes and the build quality, you’re getting a total bargain.

They will let you work with either thin or thick fabrics, enjoy some simple embroidery, or eventually get into quilting and all sorts of jobs. That’s enough to make even the most demanding embroidery user happy.

If you want something quality-oriented that still manages to be soft in your pocket, then this is your best bet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in various sizes for all kinds of uses
  • Fantastic pine build for better quality overall
  • Works well with thin and thick fabrics
  • Offers 3 hoops in the same bundle for a fantastic cost
  • Reliable & handy securing system made of steel

5. ZHAOER Embroidery Circle Hoop

Coming in different sizes and providing excellent construction, the Zhaoer Embroidery Circle Hoop will surpass all your expectations.

As the most crucial part, you get a bamboo frame that stands for all kinds of uses. It will not break or split, and it will feel like a piece of cake when handling. The lightness and its overall strength make it a perfect choice.

It also holds the fabric well enough thanks to the stainless screw system. This will help you secure any type of cloth or fabric strongly enough to the hoop.

Another advantage of this set is the different sizes you get. It goes from 6 to 12 inches – for a total of 5 different hoops so you can work in many different jobs easily. Add up the versatility of the hoops, and they become a fantastic set for sure – ideal for needlecraft, embroidery, ornaments, quilting, and more.

There’s simply nothing about this set of hoops to hate. You can get practically anything done without having to waste any money, time, or effort. This gets even better with the different sizes it offers and the strength of the build – perfect to handle any embroidery task.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality bamboo build ensures tons of durability
  • The light build makes it easy to operate and handle
  • Well-made screw system provides secure embroidering
  • Comes with 5 pieces of different sizes to tackle any job
  • Outstanding cost for the quality & quantity

6. Sew Tech Embroidery Hoops

In case you’re looking for machine embroidery hoops, then you won’t find any better option than the Sew Tech Embroidery model for the Innovis Babylock Brother Machine.

The main advantage of these hoops is the capacity to work wonders with a wide array of embroidery machines. You won’t have to worry about using them – even if they don’t fit the ideal model. They will fit amazingly well and make the embroidering experience way easier.

One huge positive is the adjustable metal screw on the hoop. It allows easy adjustment to get the fabric or cloth secured. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin it is – you can make it happen with this system.

Another great thing to think about is the array of hoop designs. You will get an oval model, a squared pattern, and a rectangular hoop. All of them offer the same advantages but work slightly differently so you can handle all kinds of jobs.

And when you add the plastic build on each one of them, then you can easily expect a durable set for sure.

In short, you won’t find any better set of hoops for embroidery machines. Whether you need to change your old ones or just get different sets for additional designs – this is the hoop set to go for.

Highlighted Features:

  • Plastic construction ensures durability & resilience
  • Works with different types of embroidery machines
  • A reliable screw system makes it easy to secure fabrics
  • Various designs & shapes for all kinds of tasks
  • Fits with Brother embroidery machines like a gem

7. GONCHAROFF Tapestry Scroll Embroidery Frames

Even though this is an article for hoops, we couldn’t leave the Goncharoff tapestry scroll embroidery frame behind. It is just as useful and easy to use as a hoop, but with a squared design that adds up tons of new opportunities.

The material is also amazing. It uses organic beech wood, one of the safest out there as it has no splinters. Yet, this gets better with the softness of its surface so you can handle it around with ease.

Another excellent feature is the addition of rounded clamps. They help keep the fabric attached to the frame without causing damage, but also strong enough to prevent it from loosening. And if you need to add tension, then you can do so easily.

This frame comes at 10 by 12.5 inches but also at 12 by 19 inches. The advantage is that both models come with additional holes that you can use to set up the frame and make it smaller if needed. That will be a fantastic feature to enjoy if you’re always making designs of different sizes.

And finally, the entire frame is interchangeable with other Goncharoff models. So if you get two or three of these – then you may be able to make all kinds of designs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Practical squared frame design for more opportunities
  • Superb organic beech build for safety & strength
  • Straightforward rounded clamps for assembly
  • The adjustable design also comes in different sizes
  • Pairs up with other Goncharoff frames for extra convenience

8. Pllieay 4-inch Bamboo Round Embroidery Hoops

As the second Pllieay set, this bamboo option offers impressive results as well. You can enjoy the bamboo construction as well as the ideal 4-inch design and even the secure screw system. There’s nothing to hate about it.

The bamboo, on the one hand, will help you handle each hoop with ease. It makes the overall construction more durable but also safer, free of burr, and smooth like no other. That will make it easy to handle as well, especially if you’re always embroidering.

This goes well with the brass screw adjustment system. You can tighten the fabrics or clothes without making much of an effort. And they will stay secure for long.

Sure enough, you get 10 different pieces that will provide the versatility and convenience you need. If you need to get several designs done at the same time – then this set will come like a gem.

And lastly, they work amazingly well with all kinds of embroidery designs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing practice embroidering, making decorations, ornaments, or doing some expert needlecraft or quilting. The hoops will perform well enough and give you no problem at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality bamboo build ensures durability & safety
  • Screw adjustment keeps fabrics tight on the hoop
  • Delivers 10 hoops in total for multiple jobs at the same time
  • Performs well with different types of embroidery tasks
  • Superb cost for the quality & quantity you get

9. FRONIC 6 Pieces Wood Embroidery Hoop

The FRONIC 6 Pieces Wood Embroidery Hoop is one of the best embroidery hoops available in the market. This hoop is preferred by all nature enthusiasts as they are eco-friendly and made up of 100% organic bamboo.

The bamboo embroidery hoop set comes with 6 different embroidery frame sizes that range between 4 inches to 10 inches. The unique feature of this embroidery hoop is that each of the different-sized embroidery rings is made up of natural bamboo that can be recycled or safely disposed of.

FRONIC has been able to design the hoops in a way that they are easy to use. You need to fit the cloth between the outer and the inner ring and can start with the sewing work. They can be used for multiple purposes like quilting, cross-stitching, fabric painting, knitting, and other types of needlecraft.

Another unique feature of these bamboo hoops is their versatile use. In addition to embroidery purposes, the hoops can be used as small ornaments, garland embellishment, wall-hanging, and other decorative items.

Moreover, the hoops are made of bamboo, which gives them a smooth edge that prevents the fabric from getting pricked. Bamboo is also durable in comparison to other materials and can be used for years to come.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 embroidery hoops with 4 – 10 inches frame sizes.
  • Can be used for all kinds of needlecraft like stitching, knitting, and fabric painting.
  • 100% organic durable and flexible bamboo construction.
  • Anti-rust adjustment screw prevents rust stains on clothes.
  • Smooth-edge bamboo material for preventing fabric prick.

10. iMooKyo Adjustable Bamboo 6PCS Embroidery Hoop

The iMooKyo Adjustable Bamboo Embroidery Hoop is one of the embroidery rings that can be included in the list of best embroidery hoops. There are several unique features of this product that are worth mentioning. However, the best thing about this set of 6 piece embroidery hoops is its price. This is the best bamboo hoop that you can get at this price range.

Moreover, the 6 prices come in a range of sizes from 4 to 10 inches. This feature makes them more convenient to use. For instance, if you have a smaller design, you can always use a 4 inches unit to sew the design on it. Furthermore, larger hoops are also available to switch back when the design comes in a larger ssprectrum.

The bamboo construction makes the hoop lightweight and easy to use. The hoop can be used for all your needlecrafts. Moreover, it can also be used as wall hangings, garland embellishments, and other home decors.

The bamboo material facilitates a smooth texture that prevents the fabric from getting pricked. Moreover, you can hold the unit for a longer time without hand fatigue as it is lightweight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with 6 piece hoops suitable for all users.
  • Made up of bamboo that poses durability and smooth texture.
  • Anti-rust adjustable screw that prevents the fabric from rust stains.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes like home decor and wall hangings.
  • Cheaper in comparison to other bamboo products.

Embroidery Hoops Ultimate Buying Guide: Things to Consider!

As you can see with our previous reviews, picking the right model may seem like a piece of cake – and it will be. But that’s only after reading this buying guide.

Otherwise, you will probably head in blind and without an idea of what to go for. So, read up the next buying guide for a better experience when buying:

1. Size of the Hoop

If there’s something you must consider without thinking twice, then that’s the size of the hoop.

Luckily, all models, sets, and collections will come with a specific size to go for. And it can go anywhere from 3-inches to 14-inches and even more.

A 3-inch model is a mini embroidery hoop. This refers to the diameter of the piece, and it tells you how small it can be with such measurements.

But if you go for a 14-inches model – then we’re talking about a pretty large hoop. This one will make it easy to create decently big designs for all kinds of purposes.

You must pay great attention for one sole reason: the size will affect both the final job diameter but also the overall ease of use.

A small hoop will be effortless to handle, even for children. But anything larger than 6 or 8 inches will probably feel hard – so they are mostly recommended for more advanced embroiderers.

In the end, you should pick the one you feel more comfortable working with. That will be the right hoop size to go for.

2. The shape of the Hoop

While hoops tend to be circular, you may also find some of them with different shapes: such as rectangular, oval, or square shapes.

Some of the rectangular and square shapes may have rounded edges to make them easier to use. You may also find them in these designs to offer extra embroidery options.

You should pick the ones that fit your demands. That means getting the ideal shape for your project, depending on what you want to create.

3. Material of the Hoop

One thing people tend to forget about embroidery hoops is that they come with specific types of constructions. These builds can go from using bamboo, which is the standard material, to using pine wood and other soft, light, yet sturdy materials.

Other hoops can be made with metals such as steel or aluminum. Yet, you are most likely to find them with plastic builds, just not as common as wooden ones.

The construction, however, needs to prevent splintering and offer high break resistance. On the other hand, it needs to be easy to hold with a light build, but also soft on the hands, so you don’t harm yourself while embroidering.

It is also important to remember that wood is way cheaper than both plastic & metal. So, be careful before choosing.

4. Screw / Adjustment System

The screw or adjustment system is a piece that usually goes on the side of the hoop. This piece has the sole purpose of tightening up the fabric on the hoop.

You must go for a well-made screw system if you’re looking for any. We usually recommend stainless steel ones over any other. But you may also find it made in copper and sometimes even plastic.

5. Weight

It is super crucial for embroidery hoops to be light and easy to handle. That’s why we recommend going for the lightest options available.

Here, you will find wooden models to be the lightest ones. Followed by plastic hoops, and then you find metallic ones.

Be sure to know that lightness is all about handling the hoop. With a lighter model, you will get an easier operation, which ensures better and faster designs.

On the other hand, the heaviest ones like plastic and metallic tend to be stronger & more durable. That means you can tighten them up way more than wooden models, and also expect many more years of use.

So, it’s all about what you’re expecting to get. Heavy models will last more and offer higher pressure, but they’re more expensive. That’s why we prefer lighter models, especially if you’re a beginner.

6. Quantity & Types

Finally, you need to consider how many hoops you want and what kind you want. That’s all about picking the right set that fits your demands.

For example, some kits will come with an embroidery hoop stand and a few hoops. But others will come only with hoops of the same size. And if you look hard enough, then you can find some that come in several sizes at the same time.

You may even find some embroidery hoop sets with needles and fabrics. Those are even more practical to use.


Where to buy embroidery hoops from?

The best embroidery hoop that is made of natural materials or other different fabrics like plastic or wood can be found in the nearest craft store selling embroidery or handicraft tools. Moreover, for an online buying experience, you can find great deals by linking to amazon.com.

What is the best way to clean the machine embroidery hoops?

The best way to clean the machine embroidery hoop is by damping few cotton balls in non-acetone remover and then cleaning the hoop with them. This will remove the dirt and sticky residue from the embroidery hoop.

Which type of embroidery hoops is the best?

There is a wide variety of embroidery hoops available in the market. The Flexi hoops and the Q-Snap frames are the best tools for embroidery work.

What materials are the best for the embroidery hoops?

Embroidery hoops are made of high-quality materials like wood, metal, or plastic. The best material that can be used for designing the embroidery hoops is wood as they are lightweight, easy to use, and come in a range of different sizes.

What are the best embroidery floss and hoops for beginners?

The beginners can start with their embroidery art with a hoop size of 6 inches. This is the standard size and best for learning purposes.

What is the best sewing and embroidery machine to buy along with the embroidery hoops?

Several brands manufacture the best embroidery machines. Users might refer to the Brother sewing machines for their requirements.

Where can I buy metal hand embroidery hoops?

The metal hand embroidery hoops are mainly used for cross-stitching purposes. One can find these metal hoops in the nearest craft stores. You can also log into amazon.com and choose from the wide variety of metal hoops.


With so many hoops to consider, it is time you take a deep breath and start being picky. What we know is that only a few minutes of thinking & reconsidering is enough to get the right set eventually.

Following our best embroidery hoops, reviews will be your best bet for that. Just read up what we recommend about each kit, and think about how it may help with your embroidering. Then, you won’t regret making the final choice.

Choose now – it’s time to get high-quality hoops for your needling!

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