10+ Best Craftsman Tool Set Reviews in 2021 (Expert’s Guide)

Are you looking for the best craftsman tool set? Lucky for you then, because you have come to the right place!

Having to deal with a repair job is obviously something that can never be predicted. In fact, having to repair something may require a certain set of tools. And in most cases, you often don’t have the right tool to get the job done.

So, the importance of having a professional mechanics tool set lying around may help you deal with some uninvited problems that you need to solve.

In this craftsman tool set review, we will deal with homeowners as well as professional mechanics. Professionals do need that extra bit of help when it comes to repairing jobs.

After going through a hoard of products, we have found some of the best mechanics tool sets for the money. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Need a quick suggestion? Check our top 4 picks below!

1. Vastar 102 Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

Product Overview:

Our first choice in this best toolset review for homeowners and professionals is from Vastar. The Vastar 102 Piece Home Repair toolkit has some of the best tools to offer.

Although the product does come with a few drawbacks, the overall usability and functionality are there.

First of all, we would like to start by saying that the 102 tools in the kit all come to serve one purpose only. And that is to help a common man to help get the job done.

Also, for professionals who are in the need for something that doesn’t break the bank, it is obviously a product worth having a look at.

The toolset includes a wide varietal of tools including pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, screw rods, and more. There is an aluminum alloy flashlight, which is probably a nice touch for most people.

Also, you get 36(25mm) screwdriver heads, which will clearly come in handy someday. Moreover, you have both metric and SAE tools to get all your household jobs as easy as it can get.

One thing to mention here is the carry case. It certainly does seem a bit off-putting at first sight. But as the overall concept is built around homeowners, it should not be that much of a deal.

In short, for someone who is looking to tackle small household repair tasks, this is certainly a decent choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a good selection of tools.
  • Geared towards common household repair jobs.
  • Ergonomic rubber grips offer great usability.
  • Chromium-vanadium tools tend to last longer.
  • Leveling tape and utility knife offer better usability overall.
  • Comes with long-nose and normal pliers.
  • An included flashlight is an added bonus.

2. STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set, 210-Piece

Product Overview:

The STMT73795 Mixed toolset from Stanley is our 6th choice for the best tool sets for mechanics. The makers at Stanley have come up with a pretty decent option which will work for professionals and novices alike.

At first, the blow-molded carry case does have that premium feel. In fact, the tools are all set together nicely inside the case due to the clever design implementation.

Note that the price point is not that high for such a premium product. So, cheers to Stanley for that.

The tools selection is also on the better side of things. The chrome-vanadium tools offer a good amount of flexibility. Also, the screwdrivers, knives, bits, and heads all offer that overall premium service you are looking for.

You have a handsome assortment of pliers as well as a variety of sockets to help you out with regular tasks and vehicles.

The Stanley toolset should be a definite choice for both professionals and homeowners. For commoners who wish to spend a bit more will certainly get the benefit of all the extra spending.

Highlighted Features:

  • Chrome-vanadium polished tools with superior build quality.
  • Tools come with decent grips.
  • The carry case has a smart and comfortable trifold design.
  • A good number of tools for the price.
  • The set comes with a healthy number of sockets and extensions.
  • The dynamic retractable utility knife offers a good amount of flexibility.
  • Comes with a 3-inch extension bar.

3. Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Set

Product Overview:

Craftsman does offer quality products at a consumer level. Because of the amount of quality control and versatility, their products seem to deliver more than other existing brands.

And the Craftsman 165 Piece Mechanics Tool Set, does a phenomenal job of delivering the overall satisfaction.

As the name suggests, it should be an obvious choice for professional mechanics. In case you are wondering whether their claim is true or not, you may want to hear us out.

The overall build quality is superb considering the price point. As a matter of fact, the most amazing thing about this toolset is the freedom of choice. The toolset includes a total of 92 sockets, which come in ¼, 1/2, and ¾ drive sizes.

Then you get one ratchet in each drive size, making your job a lot easier. Moreover, the toolset comes with a good amount of screws heads, nuts and hex keys, which is convenient.

Overall, for a mechanic who has to deal with various problems with automotive, this should probably be the better choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Build quality is decent.
  • Carry case offers good usability due to the weight and size.
  • Offers a wide variety of choices for a better outcome.
  • A good choice for professionals.
  • A decent choice to solve automotive-related issues.
  • Comes with two extension bars and universal joints.
  • Comes with twelve combination wrenches for flexibility.

4. Craftsman 108 Pc. Mechanic’s Tool Set

Product Overview:

Our 3rd contender for the best craftsman tool set is also from the makers of our previous product. The Craftsman 108 Piece Mechanics Tool Set comes with great offerings.

In fact, with such a quality set of tools, you won’t really feel left out of the crowd of professionals.

The overall build quality of the products, as always, is far better than other existing brands. Also, the carry case is decent enough and can easily keep all the tools in place. But the weight may be an issue for some folks, which we think shouldn’t be a big deal.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the included tools. You have a total of 39 specialty tools, which will take care of most household repair jobs and even some professional-grade problems.

You get all the specialized wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers and bits. Apart from all the necessary tools, you get some features like quick release tools to make your life a lot easier.  Moreover, the versatility is there like all Craftsman products.

Considering the overall offerings and pricing, it should be a viable choice for the folks at home. The sturdiness suggests that professionals will also find it useful, but they should much rather look for something with a bit more freedom of choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy tools which will last long.
  • Carry case offers good usability.
  • 10-screwdriver bits and 12-nut driver bits can easily offer a good amount of flexibility for homeowners.
  • The quick-release ratchets offer versatility and ease-of-use.
  • Both metric and SAE tools come with the toolset.
  • Comes with a variety of quick-release ratchets.
  • There are two open-ended wrenches for added versatility.

5. DEKOPRO 168pcs Socket Wrench Auto Repair Tool Combination Package

Product Overview:

Our 4th contender also hails from a reputable brand. The folks at DEKOPRO did exhibit a good amount of versatility and uniqueness when it comes to tools and other consumer-level products.

Of course, in the competitive tools market, there is absolutely no chance of an error. And the 168-piece DEKOPRO Combination Package does a good job of maintaining precision.

First of all, the overall build quality is decent. Like all reputable brands, they have come up with heavy-duty steel parts. But they have also included the overall flair and customization which makes each tool stand out.

Moreover, the polished chrome parts offer good versatility for both commoners and professionals.

Apart from all the regular inclusions, the toolkit comes with a ¼-inch and 3/8-inch metric-sized sockets. Also, there is a 72-tooth ratchet which offers great versatility when it comes to vehicle-related tasks.

Moreover, the assortment of screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers will certainly help you in the long run. The blow-molded case also offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to storage.

In conclusion, the toolset is suitable for both homeowners and professionals alike. Because of the offerings, it should offer a good amount of versatility for both users.

Highlighted Features:

  • All the tools have a sturdy build quality.
  • The case has a diamond-shape design which allows good usability.
  • Includes a special ratchet for tough automotive jobs.
  • Professional-grade parts offer a good amount of flexibility.
  • Can cater to the needs of both professionals and non-professionals.
  • Comes with a 10-inch saw.
  • Clamps and socket adapters are nice to have.

6. Craftsman 254 PC Mechanics Tool Set with 75 Tooth Ratchet

Product Overview:

Our 5th applicant again hails from the makers at Craftsman. There is nothing more to say about the manufacturers themselves. In short, this is a toolset meant for professionals and novices alike.

But this particular variant from Craftsman is specifically designed for hardcore professionals. In fact, there is not a single thing in this toolset that you won’t find useful.

Apart from all the usual assortments of screwdrivers, extension bars, and ratchets, you get almost 134 sockets in various sizes. The holders for various tools are magnetic, so there is very little chance of misfire.

The toolset comes with premium tools offering services for both metric and SAE. Also, the robust build quality reeks professionalism all over. Moreover, the carry case is robust enough to carry such a wide variety of tools.

So, if you are a professional who needs to excel in every task, this toolset should probably make your life easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • Robust alloyed steel tools with a solid build quality.
  • Carry case offers a great amount of flexibility.
  • Comes with a huge array of bolts, sockets, and extensions.
  •  Good for working in tight spaces.
  •  A solid choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • Comes with metric, inch, standard and deep-well sockets.
  • Comes with 4-extension bars and 12-ratcheting wrenches.

7. Craftsman 220 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with Case

Product Overview:

The Craftsman 220 Piece Mechanics Tool Set is a decent mix of flexibility and versatility. The price point and offerings point towards the professionals who have come a long way with their jobs but want to excel a bit more.

As always, the Craftsman tool set has alloy tools which come with a silver finish. The ¼,1/2, and ¾ ratchets come with the quick-release utility, which will make your job a lot easier.

Also, a combination of six wrenches and two extension bars, the package has a lot to offer.

The magnetic parts offer a good amount of flexibility. Also, the carry case is decent and does get the job done.

The toolkit is certainly for the professionals, but it is particularly effective for the novices who want to take their jobs to the highest rankings. So, for those who want to show their talents, this is the toolset to choose.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb tools with a rugged build quality.
  • Decent carry case that gets the job done.
  • Offers a good number of tools to work with.
  • Comes with support for both metric and SAE.
  • Comes with 116 sockets which offer a good amount of freedom for the user.
  • There are six combinational wrenches for better usability.
  • Universal joints and two extension bars are included.

8. Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set

Product Overview:

As the title of the product suggests, this is obviously a screwdriver set. Of course, in a review like this, there should be products which can solve any sort of mechanical problems. But the real reason for this product to occupy the number 8 spot is the durability and versatility.

The toolkit is small and consists of only 17 screwdrivers. Like most Philips screwdrivers, they do a decent job at tightening or loosening screws. But the real merit of this toolkit is the butyrate handle which offers a decent user experience.

The weight and balance of each screwdriver are phenomenal. Moreover, having a 4-in-1 keychain is a decent touch.

So, who should get this kit? We think that it deserves a place in each and every household. From novices to professionals, this is a must-have toolset.

Highlighted features:

  • Offers a good amount of balance.
  • Handling is good due to the lightweight design.
  • The butyrate handles offer a firm grip.
  • Comes with a decent number of offerings.
  • A must-have item for any professional or homeowner.

9. Craftsman 311 Piece Mechanics Tool Set with 75 Tooth Ratchets

Product Overview:

The Craftsman 311 Piece Mechanics Tool Set is our 9th contender for the Best tool set for mechanics. As a product of the Craftsman family, the products offer a good amount of flexibility and precision.

The 311 pieces of versatile tools all offer a decent experience. The tools feel premium to say the very least. As a matter of fact, the toolset is an excellent choice for professionals who need to deal with automotive problems on a daily basis.

One of the key features of this toolset is the 75-tooth ratchet which offers a nice amount of torque even in the tightest corners. Also, it is hard to get anything wrong with 182 drive sockets and 67 specialty tools.

This toolset is clearly meant for professionals who want all those extra tools for an added measure. In case of versatility and performance, you would probably want to have all the pieces lying around close by.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable tools with a decent silver-like finish.
  • 75-teeth ratchet with a 4.8-degree arc offer precision.
  • Comes with both metric and standard specifications.
  • Offers a good amount of movement even in the tightest of spaces.
  • Comes with 14-ratcheting wrenches.
  • You have are three quick-release ratchets for flexibility.
  • Comes with 6-extension bars for added convenience.

10. Craftsman 58 Piece Mechanics Tool Set with Storage Case

Product Overview:

The Craftsman 58-Piece Mechanics Tool Set is our last and final choice for the best tools for professionals. As the name implies, the toolset is suitable for both professionals and homeowners because of the offerings and overall pricing.

The overall build quality is sturdy. The 58-piece set has all the necessary bits and screws that you may require on a daily basis. In fact, for a toolset with only 58 tools, the user is making some sacrifices, but the essentials are all there.

In short, for homeowners and small-scale professionals, the toolset will probably get the job done. But professionals with mammoth requirements should look for something a bit more.

Highlighted Features:

  • The tools have a robust build quality altogether.
  • Minimalistic toolset with an emphasize on the essential tasks.
  • Designed for homeowners and small-scale professionals.
  • Comes with both metric and standard drive tools.
  • Comes with 25-wrenches and specialty tools.
  • There is a 3-inch extension bar to reach tough spaces.
  • The ratchet has a quick release design for better functionality.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Craftsman Tool set:

Before we begin our journey to find the best craftsman tool set, there are a few things we want to discuss first. These points will probably make or break your day. So, stick with us.

There are certain aspects which a toolset covers. A toolset designed for a repairman or a commoner comes with a screwdriver with multiple bits. Also, tools like hammers, wrenches, ratchets, pliers come with some sort of special characteristics.

Most of the toolset currently available in the market will obviously aim for comfort, durability, and usability for maximum efficiency.

But there are other things that you need to consider before going out and getting something from the best mechanic tool set brand. Brands do matter, but it’s utterly useless if the promised features are not there.

So, here are a few points to consider before buying the right tools for your home or profession.

What tools would you need on a daily basis?

It is certainly an important question to ask yourself before making any decision. Apart from the obvious, you may have some other needs which will only apply in your case. Check DamnTools blog for some other products like tool bag, carrier, sets that they are reviewing there.

  • Screwdriver Bits

Having a multi-purpose screwdriver is obviously a necessity in 2018. Although Philips and Flathead screwdrivers get the job done in most cases, it is always better to have something extra. So, we will advise you to buy a toolset that comes with additional bits for a variety of screws.

  • Ratchets

Ratchets do come with extenders these days. But just in case, if you have to deal with engine problems often, it is certainly better to keep an eye out for the right ratchet you will need.

  • Extension Bars

SAE and metric bars have the ability to attach to your ratchet and bolt the screw in the correct position. As always, they are a must-have item in 2018 to deal with vehicles.

  • Pliers

Do check what kind of pliers your toolset has. There may well be a small chance that you only have the normal set of pliers. But having needle-nose pliers will help you be better equipped for any sort of repair job.

So, having the right pliers means that you have the correct tools to grip, cut and strip any wires other such things.

  • Pry Tools

These are probably the sneakiest helpers you will find in a mechanics tool set. In case of dealing with vehicles, these things offer a great bit of leverage and usability.

Of course, toolset manufacturers try to bring out their creativity by offering a variety of pry tools. It is up to you to choose the one that goes with your needs.

  • Carry Case

It is a crucial factor when looking for a professional toolset. Most reputable brands offer some quality cases which offer both stability and functionality at the same time. But there are makers who tend to cheap out.

It is up to the user on how to deal with this situation. Based on what we have seen, it is smart to go for something sturdy. Because not only will it offer better stability, but also you will be able to use it in rough conditions.

  • Quality and Durability

We did mention earlier that durability is something that manufacturers care a lot about these days. Apart from sending out the best quality products, manufacturers of the best mechanic tool brand try their utmost to make something that will stand out in such a competitive market.

Quality and durability go hand-in-hand. If the tools are well-made, then, of course, you will be getting a decent set of tools. We would advise you to check out the manufacturer’s reliability in this case.

  • Comfort

Comfort is a relative term. It may vary from individual to individual. In fact, something which may feel comfortable to you may feel annoying to someone else.

But, in general, tools with rubber grips tend to attract customers more. Of course, there is a hiccup in this matter as well.

The quality of grips in various toolsets from manufacturers tend to be different.

Our advice will be to go with something you are comfortable with. Search for that ergonomic feel. Have a taste of comfort of the reputed brands out there and see what’s best for you.

  • Versatility

Look for toolsets with creative tools. There is always the possibility that you would need a specific tool to do a specific job.

In short, look for something that stands out to you. It may come in handy in near future.

  • Budget

It is the final and most important concern that you need to deal with. Setting on a specific number will certainly help you rule out some unnecessary options. In fact, planning a budget often helps when it comes to choosing something specific.

So, it is prudent that you plan your budget and then set out for the best mechanic tool set brand.

Now we would like to jump in and start our discussion. But before that here is a quick comparison of the products which will probably help you understand what you are getting into.


Finding the best craftsman toolset is certainly not an easy task because finding the appropriate one among so many is a challenging in many ways.

In this craftsman tool set review, we have tried to take you through the basic and important steps to find the toolset that you need. Also, we have tried our best to point out the most significant features of each product.

In the end, the decision of buying a toolset is in your hands. We hope you find the product you are looking for.


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