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What Is Vinyl Cutter Machine And How Does It Work?

A machine that is mostly used for trimming Vinyl and other materials into many shapes or letters as you may want is called the vinyl cutter.

The Vinyl machine is not a very big device rather; it is almost the same size as a computer printer which you can connect to a computer with a cable.

You can really say that the Vinyl cutter is a cutting device which can be controlled by a computer.

The control of this machine is specifically handled by the computer which makes sure that the sharp blades of the vinyl cutter machine move properly.

It is the duty of these sharp blades to cut out letters or various shapes from sheets of the adhesive Vinyl material. When these letters or shapes are cut with the vinyl machine, they can be stuck on any surface you may like.

With the help of the computer that is controlling its movement, the Vinyl cutter machine’s blade can move from the X to the Y axis of the material while it’s cutting it into any shape of your choice.

The Vinyl cutter is the best machine to use if you want to create a particular symbol or shape which you can paste anywhere you want.

You can design the shape, letters or symbols you want to cut on a software program like Adobe photo shop or Corel draw and direct it with a computer command to the cutter.

The cutter will then follow the vector path that is in your design to smoothly cut out your vector based artwork. The Vinyl cutter is capable of cutting tasks that have long length such as banners and billboards since the materials of the vinyl are produced to be in rolls.

The only problem that the Vinyl cutter has is that it can only cut out shapes or letters on strong colored Vinyl. If you were to design a project of many colors, the Vinyl cutter will have to cut each color one after the other and then placed on top of the other before sticking it on the substrate.

Even with these limiting factors that are affecting the Vinyl cutter, it still produces long lasting and solid designs that are resistant to wear or fading.

Vinyl Cutter Specifications

The Vinyl cutter machine is built with the following specifications which help it to perform greatly. They are as follows;

  • The Vinyl cutter is specifically designed to receive and work on material that has the width of 2 – 27.5 inches respectively.
  • This cutting equipment’s mechanical resolution is about 0.0005.
  • The cutting frequency of the Vinyl machine is built to work at 20 inches for every second.
  • The highest down force which the Vinyl cutter releases are up to 250 grams.
  • This equipment is built so that you can use it to cut materials like flexible sheets, vinyl, mirror image, paints or mask respectively.
  • The Vinyl cutter machine is specifically designed so that it can accept information and command from a computer or a cartridge. This command will direct the machine to cut a spectacular design of your choice on a Vinyl or any other material.
  • It is also built with a sharp sliding blade that can move from side to side of the material while cutting dents into the material.
  • The vinyl cutter machine is also made to be affordable for anybody that wants to invest in the machine.
  •  This machine is specially designed to trim papers, card stock vellum or vinyl.
  • It is built so that it can also make use of a transfer tape to send the already weeded vinyl letters onto a substrate.

How Does a Vinyl Cutter Work

A novice in this field may not understand how the Vinyl cutter machine works if not properly guided. That is why this article is written to enable you to know to understand perfectly the workings of the Vinyl Cutter machine.

This equipment makes use of a little knife to accurately cut out the lines of the figures you designed into the sheet or pieces of Vinyl material you are using while still holding onto the liner.

The blade is known to move and turn from the X to the Y axis of the Vinyl while it is moved under the knife. This procedure ensures that the image of your design is cut into the Vinyl material.

After the machine finishes with the cutting of the image, the next thing to do is to weed the material. This weeding process removes the unwanted parts of the figures from the offloading liner.

The weeding process is quite complicated. During weeding, if the positive side is released, the resultant effect a negative sticker but when the negative side is released, it will be a positive sticker.

The transfer tape sheet that has an adhesive back and is placed on the Vinyl already weeded. When a roller is placed on the tape, the Vinyl will stick properly.

Then the vinyl and transfer tape is pulled off from what is called a release liner and put onto a substrate like aluminum sheets. The result will be aluminum signs that have Vinyl figures.

What is a Vinyl Cutter Used For

Most of the known and unknown sign houses use the Vinyl cutter machine to create their designs and signs on their custom garments.

  • The Vinyl cutter machine works best when you use it to create signs or letters, make banners or place advertisements on vehicles.
  • You can even use the Vinyl cutter machine to cut out images from light quality cardboards.

The decoration businesses have been known to make use of the Vinyl cutter to do their decoration business. They use the vector design when it is turned into a mirror image, reversed or weeded and then apply a heat press so as to get the professional result.

You can even use a hand iron to press your design into the apparel if you want it for your home’s use.

If you have not known about the vinyl cutter machine, we have used this article to break it down so that you can understand what it is, how it works and what you can use it to do.

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